4 Websites To Learn How to Make a Scrapbook

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Making a scrapbook is something a lot of people enjoy, specially the creative ones. I look at lot of my friends making such creative and beautiful scrapbooks and wonder how they do it. To be honest, I never made a scrapbook until it was thrust upon me. My son got a project from his school that he has to make a scrapbook showing what all he did during summer holidays. My son is in play group, so this homework is obviously for the parents, and parents here of course means the mother. I had no idea how to go about making a scrapbook, so I did what I know best, search on the net. I came across a lot of lovely websites telling you how to make a scrapbook, what all is required. So I am listing some websites which I found to be good and were helpful, so you can also benefit from these websites.


wikihow make a scrapbook

As always, you get WikiHow to help you out. They explain everything in easy steps, with most of the steps having small videos with them. They tell you how to start the process, that would be gathering things that you want to put in the scrapbook like photos, tickets, invitations, business cards, etc. Then decide on a theme for your scrapbook, the size of the scrapbook, how to plan a page, grouping like items together, etc. These are some steps that you will come across, when you go through this website.

Martha Stewart

martha stewart scrapbooking

When you are talking about creativity, you have to most certainly mention Martha Stewart. There is an entire section on scrapbooking on this website, ranging from scrapbooking ideas, tips, supplies, etc. You will find very detailed ideas about scrapbooking here. Every scrapbooking idea will have a hyperlink at the bottom which will take you to an article explaining about that idea in detail. Each article has an introduction, materials needed, and steps included in it. You will be able to get lots of ideas on how to proceed with your own scrapbook from here.

Everything About Scrapbooking

everything about scrapbooking

Well the name of the website says a lot about it. If you are a beginner and making a scrapbook for the first time like me, you will love this website. The website is a good resource for beginners. The website gives you a basic introduction about scrapbooking and then tells you the materials you require for making a cool scrapbook. This is followed by steps for making a scrapbook. At the top of the page you will see a Beginners drop down menu where you can see a how to guide, videos on making a scrapbook, tips for scrapbooking, etc. There is also a tab for called “what to write” where you will find journaling ideas, quotes that you can use in your scrapbook, etc. Page Ideas tab will give you ideas for layouts, themes, topics, etc.

A Beautiful Mess

a beautiful mess scrapbooking

There is a lot of beautiful scrapbooks you will find in here. Lot of ideas you can gather from going through this website. You will also find a tutorial which lets beginners know how to go about when making a scrapbook. Check the article out from the link given above. I found the website to be pretty awesome, makes me wanna make some cool scrapbooks too.

You can also check out free scrapbook software like Scrapbook Artist.

These are the four websites I liked while searching on the net. I was able to get an idea on how to start and make a beautiful scrapbook. I’m still going through completing the scrapbook that I started making and its turning out to be pretty good. So go ahead and check these websites out. You will surely get a good enough idea about how to make a scrapbook. Rest depends upon your creativity.

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