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Dear Photograph is a website which can bring your past and present together again. Yes you read it right, its a beautiful website where you can submit your old photographs taken at the same location years apart. For example, if you have a old photograph of yours when you were a small child sitting in front of your house, then you can put that old photo in front of your house presently and click a picture to compare how things have changed overtime.

The photo below shows you an example of how this website works.

dear photograph first

The above screenshot has a old photo placed at the right angle in front of the same house at the present moment. This shows how things have changed overtime and brings back that nostalgia feeling.

If you come across a photo which was taken years ago at the same place you are today, then quickly grab your camera, align you old photo with the background and click. This will show you a photo snapped with the same background, but an old photo in front. It will create kind of an optical illusion, but with a lot more meaning to it.

The founder of this website Taylor Jones, started this website as a blog, posting old pictures of his family. With the rise of its popularity it was turned into a full fledged website. There is also a book with the same name published by the founder, which can be bought online.

dear photograph caption

What makes this website special to me is the feeling it gives me when I go through it. Its like reliving past days, even if it is someone else in the photo. The best part of every photo submission is the caption. You can actually relate to photos through the captions which are added. You can imagine and feel the purpose of the photo by the short captions that people write. You can feel that nostalgia feeling looking at these photos.

dear photograph logo and menu

You can follow Dear Photograph on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. There is also a submit photo option where you can read the instructions on what format to follow if you want to submit a photograph. The press option shows you all the articles that have been published about this website.

When you hover the mouse over any photo, you will see the date this photo was posted on and options to leave a note or re-blog. In case you do want to leave a note or re-blog a photo you would be required to sign in or register for a tumblr account.

dear photograph reblog

I absolutely loved this website for all the feelings it brought back. Reading captions on some of the photos made me cry, because they were so close to some of my memories. With photographs being digital these days, having a old photo does give you that feeling of belonging. I think this website brings back those feelings of nostalgia and reliving your past. That is what makes this website so great that it can connect you with your past even if it is for a moment.

Check out Dear Photograph here.

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