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Jiggyape is an online music player that lets you create playlists of YouTube music videos and play your favorite YouTube music anytime. It’s a nice free online source that provide easy ways to find music videos of your favorite artist or album on YouTube and create a playlist out of them. Jiggyape support multiple languages and provides an integrated video player to watch videos of the music tracks added in the playlist.

Jiggyape is extremely simple and doesn’t require creating an account to use the service. Plus, it offers a Jiggyape library via which you can easily sync local music to this online music player. Apart from that, this free online music player displays a list of all popular YouTube music videos for your reference.

So you can easily browse for your favorite YouTube music videos on Jiggyape, create playlists out of them, and save them to listen anytime you want.

jiggyape online music player

Create Playlist of Music Videos and Play them on Jiggyape:

Jiggyape comes with a simple and easy to use interface where you will find a search bar on top of the app window. There you can specify the name of the artists you are looking for, or the song title and press “Enter”. Jiggyape will then displays a list of all matching results, along with a “+” (plus) sign with each entry on the left. To add the desired video to the playlist, simply click on the “+” sign.

You can also browse popular YouTube videos from the “Popular” tab and add them to the playlist on the right.

jiggyape playlist

This is how you can create playlists on Jiggyape. To play any song, simply click on its entry in the playlist. The app displays a mini video player below the playlist, which you can expand by clicking on the “Video” tab. Also there’s a “Genie” tab that scans your playlist and displays suggested videos based on your taste.

jiggyape video player

After you have created the playlist, you can save it simply by clicking the save icon on top of the playlist. This will generate a Playlist ID,which you can use to access your playlist back again any time.

An interesting thing about this online music player is that it offers a library feature, which allows you to sync your own music with Jiggyape. That is, you can import music files stored on your computer to Jiggyape library from where they can be added to your playlist. And the amazing part is that Jiggyape automatically searches that track on YouTube and plays a video file of that even if the original file is in audio format. However there’s also a negative side to that; if Jiggyape doesn’t find the exact YouTube video for the corresponding audio file, it picks any matching video and add it to the search results. But again that’s up to you whether or not you would add it to your playlist.

jiggyape library

The library feature can be accessed by installing a desktop app on your system, which can be downloaded free of cost from the website itself. This app uses your email id (valid) as a gateway to add music stored locally on your computer to your Jiggyape playlist. And yes one more thing: since the service works independently of the concept of account creation, the music that you sync will be stored within browser’s cookies and gets refreshed every time you sync music with the library.

Key Features of this Online Music Player:

  • Free online music player (also check out SongDrop).
  • Create playlists of YouTube music videos.
  • Lets you browse videos by entering album/artist name or song title.
  • Display popular YouTube videos separately, which can be added to the playlist.
  • Save Playlists online.
  • Share playlist via Playlist ID.
  • Play songs in sequence or in random order (shuffle).
  • Integrated video player with custom playback controls.
  • Library feature to sync local music to Jaggyape playlists.
  • Genie feature that suggests music videos matching your taste.
  • Option to change video quality.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • No sign up required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple and add-free.

The Final Verdict:

Jiggyape is a nice free online music player for discovering and listening YouTube music by creating playlists. It’s an easy to use app with some really nice features, though it would have been better if it had supported account creation for saving preferences. And yes though the app displays tons of results matching your search term, it doesn’t always bring what exactly you are looking for.

But that is what I found during my testing, you can try the app on your own and leave your response in comments.

Click here to check out Jiggyape.

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