Online Math Game To Solve Arithmetic Questions in 10 Secs

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Practice mental arithmetic is a free online Math game to solve arithmetic questions in 10 seconds. When the game starts, questions will come one after another, and 10 seconds time is provided to solve questions.

However, for each next question, one extra second is credited automatically to remaining time. That means if you have solved a question within 5 seconds, then 6 seconds time will be set to solve the next question. If you failed to give the correct answer within the remaining time, the game will be over.

By default, the addition operator is set to play the game with 30 as ‘number limit’. That means, only addition questions will come, and a number in question will not be greater than 30. However, you can increase the difficulty level by increasing the number limit up to 1000. Moreover, you can also select subtraction, multiplication, division, x2 Powers, addition, and √x Square roots. After this, random questions based on these operators will come in the game.

solve arithmetic questions within 10 seconds

Above screen recording shows interface of this game where you can set options and begin the game.

You have to keep solving as much questions as you can to achieve a good score. So, solve questions with your sharp mind, and try to place a high score. Your score depends on the number limit taken by you, number of operators enabled, and the total number of correct answers given by you.

We have also covered 5 free websites to play Math games online.

Solve Arithmetic Questions in 10 Seconds with This Free Online Math Game:

Go to the homepage of this online Math game using the link placed at the end of this review. Without any sign up or email confirmation process, you can start playing the game.

On left side, arithmetic operators will be provided. You can enable arithmetic operators according to your capability. Moreover, number limit can also be set easily by moving the Slider left to right. On bottom part, question will be visible to you. On right side, you can see the remaining time for solving the visible question.

free online math game to solve arithmetic questions

You need to enter the correct answer in answer box to move on with the game. The game will continue until you are giving the correct answers. When the game will get over, result will show the score achieved by you.


Practice mental arithmetic is quite interesting game. It looks quite simple with low number limit and with a single arithmetic operator. But the same game becomes too tough with increased number limit and by selecting all arithmetic operators. Check how good you are in solving arithmetic questions with this game.

Try Practice mental arithmetic free.

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