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Jackson Hewitt online provides free online tax filing for basic federal return. You can easily file your basic federal tax for free using Jackson Hewitt online.

Jackson Hewitt is quite popular when it comes to filing your taxes. Few people know that Jackson Hewitt has a free basic return filing package on there website. If you have a simple return like form 1040-EZ, with no dependents and one W2, then you can file your federal return for free online on Jackson Hewitt website.

But if you are filing a state return then you will be charged $29.95. Complicated federal returns would also be chargeable. But if you fit the criteria for a free return nothing tops that. Because along with the free return you also get unlimited customer support and audit check.

The website provides you valuable information on how to respond in case you get audited. Also they have audit checks on the website which access your risk of being audited. Plus they have various options to get help through a customer service agent. They offer customer service through email, online chat or phone. The email support is available 24/7 and response to your emails is almost immediate. Online chat is another option where you can chat with a customer service agent in real time and have all your questions answered. Also you can contact customer service through phone. The customer service agent will walk you through the process of filing and also answer all the questions you have regarding your return.

Also check out TurboTax free and other free tax file software.

To start your free tax return you will need to create an account and sign in. After signing in you will go through the process of answering tax related questions and entering data from your W2. On the right hand side top corner of your screen would be a red box which would display the amount of your refund at all time. So as you go through the process of answering questions you will know how your refund is affected by the data you put in.

Also on the bottom right hand corner you will be able to see the customer support options email, chat or phone. So help is available whenever you need it. There is also an resources option which gives you more information regarding any particular topic that you have difficulty understanding.

You have the option to save the return and continue it at a later time. Just remember your username and password. So you can sign in and complete your tax return. Online tax returns are either e-filed or paper returns. E-file is electronic filing which is safe and secure. The refund in the e-file option comes back within 8-15 days and you have the option to get a check or direct deposit the money in your account.

In case of a paper return, you will have to mail in your return to the IRS. The refund will take a longer time about 4-6 weeks to come back if you opt for a paper return. But the refund options remain the same check or direct deposit.

Jackson Hewitt is a reputed company in the field of tax filing. The online tax filing option they offer is also safe and secure. Plus they are members of the IRS free file alliance. So I would not hesitate to use the online tax filing option from Jackson Hewitt.

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