5 Free Websites To Crop GIF Images

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Here is the list of 5 free websites to crop GIF images.

These free websites let you crop the animated GIF images without changing them to still GIF format. So, when you want to extract only a particular part of your GIF, use that part as avatar, or just need to cut a particular portion of GIF image for sharing, these websites are handy.

Apart from cropping the GIF images, most of these websites are also useful to edit other format images, resize the GIF, etc. Let’s have a look at these free websites.


Watermark.ws- interface

Watermark.ws is the best website in this list to crop GIF images and perform editing in GIF images. You will be able to rotate your GIF image,  crop, resize, and flip it. Apart from this, it comes with a feature to add text watermark to your GIF image. You can also choose any available font, set its opacity, size, rotation, and position. Moreover, you can also add a logo on your GIF image that can be used as an image watermark. Opacity, scaling, and rotation can also be adjusted by you for image watermark.

This handy website also lets you compress your GIF image to reduce its size. You can also change its color to Grayscale or Sepia. So, a lot of interesting features are available in this website that you can apply on your animated GIF. You can also upload other supported format images and edit those images.

To use this website, you need to create a free account. After this, it provides 10 MB storage space in this free subscription to upload images and edit them. When you are running out of storage space, you can also delete any uploaded image.

Here is the full review.

Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor- interface

Online Image Editor (OIE) is a great website to crop animated GIF available on your PC or available online. You can also preview the cropped GIF before saving it to PC, which makes it more interesting. Apart from cropping the animated GIFs, you can resize it, add text to it, rotate, flip, add border, and more. So, it is an all in one solution to edit your animated GIF images.

Apart from editing the GIFs, you can also optimize your GIF to reduce the size of it. It can also split frames of GIF image and lets you remove unwanted frames from GIF.

After uploading a GIF image, you need to access Basics and Wizards tabs available in this website to edit your GIF image.

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GIFmagic is one of the best website in this list and is specially designed to process animated GIFs. Apart from cropping the GIF image, you can also add comment to it and set number of loops. So if your GIF is in endless looping mode, you can set it to loop up to a definite interval.

This website also lets you resize your GIF, rotate it, flip it, and make it transparent. So, a lot of options are available to edit your animated GIF. However, during my testing, some of its features didn’t work, like it failed to add transparency, flip the GIF, etc. Still, it can easily crop your GIF, and add other changes with its handy features. Uploaded GIF remains for 3 hours on servers.

Freeware GIF Resizer


Freeware GIF Resizer (or GIFResizer) is also handy to crop your animated GIF as well as resize it. It lets you preview the output GIF before downloading to PC. After uploading the GIF, it provides an option to crop the GIF or set height and width to resize it.

Another interesting feature available here is that you can download a zip archive to get all the frames of your animated GIF. Frames are downloaded as PNG image. This website is really simple yet handy to crop the GIF, resize, and extract frames.


resize.it website

This is the last website in this list and handy to crop animated GIF. You can also use it convert GIF to JPG and PNG format. You can also edit your GIF to change it to greyscale, set height n width, add frame (if possible), make it blur, etc. So apart from the main task, it can be used to perform some basic editing to your GIF.

You can also use this website to crop and resize other format images. So, it is not limited to process animated GIFs only. Your input image is also deleted automatically, so you don’t have to worry about the original image.


Watermark.ws is my personal favorite website to crop GIFs because it can also be used to edit GIF images and apply watermark to it. Rest of the other websites are also very easy to use and come with different features. You can choose any of these and crop your animated GIFs.

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