Free Online Geography, Trivia Game For Classrooms

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GameOn is a free online geography, trivia game for classrooms. This is a really interactive game, where a teacher can start a game and share their Game ID with all the students. Students can join the game through their computers and compete with one another. If you wish to play this game outside classroom, you can choose to play with other players from around the globe. Subjects in this game encompass Fun facts, Cities, Places, Science and so on.

Here is a screenshot of the homepage of the game.

On the left-hand panel, you can see the panel which asks for your game ID and name. This panel is to be used by students who want to join a game started by the teacher. The student simply needs to write down the game ID and their name in the blank spaces, and they can join the game.

There is another option, right in the middle of the screen, which says “Start a game”. This tab can be used by administrator or a teacher who wants to start a new game.

How To Start An Online Geography, Trivia Game For Classrooms

On the game page, in the middle of the page, you can see a number, which is the unique game ID. This ID can be shared with all participants who want to join your game. The left-hand panel of this page shows the 10 different varieties of games which you can play with your students or friends. Select one or multiple game types.

There is another tab below the game, which prompts you to Game On! Clicking this will begin this free online educational game for classrooms. You need to have at least one player online before you can proceed with the game.

The GameOn Page Of This geography Game For Classrooms (As An Administrator)

As an administrator, you can choose one single category or multiple categories to play with your students or participating group. The game page shows random question depending on the category you have chosen, along with a time bar below the question. The red line moves very quickly across the green line. The green line indicates the time you have left for submitting your answer. If you are not sure about the answer yourself, you can click on the show answer tab on the top right corner of the screen, which can show you the correct answer.

You can play the game on a full screen mode by tapping on the box on the right corner of the screen. If you think students require some extra time to think about the answer, you can press the Pause button immediately next to the toggle screen button.

GameOn Educational Game’s Page as a Participant

The participant in a game sees a question as given above. He has a limited amount of time to give a proper answer. The time span is indicated by the decreasing green bar above the screen.

On clicking Submit before time runs out, the app shows the correct answer and also how close you were to the answer. It also displays your overall position in the current round as well as in the game.

The screen for participants depends on the type of question asked.

For example, you will be provided a map if you are asked to locate a place on map. After answering the question, your performance for the same is also displayed as shown above.

Final Score Card

Once the administrator hits the End of Game button on his screen, the game comes to an end. The following pages shows the rank of participants depending on their overall score.

First of all, the Winner, runner up, and second runner up are displayed.

You can also view scores of each participant according to rank, as displayed in the above picture.


This is a powerful online geography, trivia game for classrooms, which can make studies really fun and interesting. It creates a spirit of healthy competition and also encourages students to take active interest in various subjects. The web application is almost perfect, except some minor time lag issues. If you are a student, parent, or teacher, you should use GameOn to make the education more interesting.

Play GameOn here.

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