Free IPFS Based Collaborative Markdown Editor Online

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Peerpad is a free IPFS based online collaborative markdown editor for you to use. Here it lets you create notes with others. You can create a note and then share a URL with anyone to help write notes with you. It offers you a WYSIWYG markdown editor to see the output in real-time. You can write markdown code on the left side and it will translate that for you in real-time. You can also add collaborators as well. And while creating an invite link, you can decide whether you want to give read only access or write access to other users.

IPFS is an attempt to introduce a decentralized web and its a peer to peer protocol just like torrent. It is basically used for file sharing but there are some other applications which are powered by it. And one such application is Peerpad. You can easily create notes collaboratively and using the markdown syntax which is popular.

IPFS Based Collaborative Markdown Editor Online

Using thisĀ Free IPFS Based Collaborative Markdown Editor Online:

If you have ever used some collaborative code editors or text editors, you can use it in the same way. You don’t have to create an account to use this. Just go to the homepage of Peerpad and then create notes. Before starting, you can choose whether you want the markdown editor or the simple plain text editor.

Peerpad start creating your notes

After you reach the editor’s interface, you can start creating your notes. Just use the markdown syntax and then write your notes by creating paragraphs, bold text, create lists or anything that you can do with the markdown syntax. Since, the editor is WYSIWYG, so you will get to see the output of the code in real-time. You can see the above screenshot.

Peerpad create notes

Now, when you want to add collaborators, you can create link to share your content. Click on the share button from the right side of its interface. Next, it will show you two links. One link is for read only access to your note and other link for giving the writ access to your notes. So share the link and then let others help you in creating your notes. You will see the changes made by others by different cursors. See this screenshot.

Peerpad collaboration in action

That is it. That is how you can use this IPFS based collaborative markdown editor. You can easily use it to create markdown notes and the best part is that is server less. All the nodes connect to each other directly. Users can provide their name and you can see that which user has made what changes in your note.

Final thoughts

Peerpad is an amazing collaborative markdown editor that you can use. You can easily use it to create a single document with help of multiple people who you know. Just start creating a note and invite other users to help you. You can see which user is editing which part of the document. You can invite as many people as you want to collaborate with you on your notes. And on top of all that, it is powered by IPFS. So, if you are looking for IPFS based tools, then try Peerpad and let me know what you think about it.

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