Free chrome extension that works as an alternative to ChatGPT

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Let’s talk about It is a free chrome extension which can also work as an alternative to ChatGPT.

AI is getting developed day by day, which is a bit scary but amazing at the same time. You all might know about ChatGPT which is an AI assistant tool that can help you with different activities. is very similar to it but slightly different in some ways. As mentioned above, it is a chrome extension and it doesn’t need opening a new application just for asking a simple question. You can use it on other websites. It also asks its users questions about their work and preferences.

To get this tool, all you need to do is:

  • Click here to open and attach the extension to your chrome.
  • You can continue using the free version if you are okay with just 10 searches per day, but if you want to use more, you can purchase the premium.
  • Set your preferences and start using the extension over any website you want.

Now you have your own AI assistant. You can ask questions, give it tasks and even proofread your writing items and the AI will do the task. It gives answers just like an actual human being. Sometimes you can use it just for fun too.

Limitations: can be a really useful chrome extension for you and can be used as a simple alternative for ChatGPT but it has got some limitations too:

  • You are only limited to 10 questions per day. For more you need to purchase its premium.
  • It is a chrome extension so it is only available for desktops and you cannot use it on your mobile phones.
  • As it is an AI, there might be times when you won’t get your desired answers and you’ll need to regenerate them.

Let us summarize: is a free chrome extension that works as an assistant for you and can give you AI generated answers to your questions. You can also give him different tasks to perform. It is very similar to the popular tool ChatGPT, which is completely free and works the same way.’s free version is only limited to 10 questions per day and you need to purchase its premium for more. The best thing about this is as it is a chrome extension, it can be used on other websites without opening a separate window for it.

Personally, I use this web application sometimes as it is present there in my window and I can ask my questions there. But yes, the irritating part is when I have a question to ask and my limit gets over. But I am not going to purchase its premium just for a simple task. I can use ChatGPT or just use this extension the next day.

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