Free AI Visual Score Generator to see How Attractive is Your Website

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This article covers a free AI Visual Score Generator to see how attractive is your website. The visual appearance of your a key factor of a website along with SEO. It is like that “First Impression” that can be influential to bring back users possibly with a quick opinion of the site’s usability and trustworthiness.

Visual Mind AI is a free AI engine that lets you can instantly analyze the attractiveness of your website. It is available as a web app where you can enter your website URL and get an attractiveness score for the same. This tool has been trained and tested on millions of websites with a claimed accuracy of 97%. With that said, let’s check out what it offers.

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Check How Attractive Your Website is

With AI Visual Score Generator you can check how attractive your website is within a minute or so. All you have to do is visit the website by following this link and enter your website URL there.

Free AI Visual Score Generator

The lading page shows you how many websites have been analyzed by this AI engine so far. Below that, you can find other details with an introduction to this AI engine and why website attractiveness matters.

website attractiveness score

When you analyze your website with this AI engine, it gives an attractiveness score to your website and tells how many users are expected to like your website. Along with the overall visual score, it also gives a score of visual appearance and visual clarity of your site.

The overall visual score shows the attractiveness of your website. Whereas the Visual Appearance and Visual Clarity scores imply the options of users on the and trustworthiness and usability of your website. Apart from the visual score, this also offers tips on how you can improve your website visually and shows a list of analyzed websites with a similar score.

Closing Words

This free AI engine makes it simple to check how attractive your website is. The visual appearance of a website does matter in most cases and with this engine, you can analyze your website to see where it stands. Based on the results, you can further improve your website appearance to make it more pleasing to have a nice impression on users.

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