Find Age Gap in Years Between Lead Romantic Pairs in Hollywood Movies

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Hollywood Age Gap is a website where you can find out the age gap in years between the lead romantic pairs in Hollywood movies. Movie buffs would love trivia of this sort. Even I enjoyed going through this website and seeing the vast age difference between love interests in movies. The actors and actresses who portray love interests in movies look so lovely with great onscreen chemistry between them. But when you actually see the age difference among these actor and actresses, you will be shocked.

The website list starts with the biggest age gap and goes on listing age gaps in descending order. Let’s start with having a look at the home page of this website. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

The home page is pretty simple and straight forward. There is a website banner at the top of the page which tells you clearly what the purpose of this website is. After the banner you will find a list of movies which show the age gap between love interests. The list of movies start with the maximum years of gap and proceeds in a descending manner. The below screenshot will show this.

Typically you will see the movie name at the top of the box. Below the name of the movie is the name of the movie director and on the other side is the year in which this movie was released. Then in big bold numbers is the age gap in years between the lead romantic pair. For example, the first movie listed on the page shows a age gap of 52 years between the movie love interests.

Below the number of years is a scale to denote this age gap. This can be seen in the screenshot above. The male actor is marked on the scale using Blue color, whereas the female actor is marked with Pink color. Below the scale, the name of the actors appears along with there actual age when the movie came out.

There is also a Twitter symbol in one corner of the box. You can use this to tweet about a particular movie and the age gap between its lead pair.

On top of the page right side corner you will find a search box. This search box can be used to search for a movies using movie name, actor names, or director name. For example, I searched for Tom Cruise and it listed some movies where Tom Cruise was the lead actor. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

All the movies listed show the age gap Tom Cruise had with his lead actresses in those movies. Similarly, you can search using the name of the director, or the name of the movie also.

In case you do not find a movie that you are looking for, then you can also contribute to the website. Just click the contribute button given at the top of the page and follow instructions on how to submit a movie.


Hollywood Age Gap is a fun website to know what age difference was there between romantic leads in Hollywood movies. We often see actors on screen playing romantic characters and looking like they are made for each other. But we never think of what the real age difference is between these actors. If you find yourself wondering about the real age difference between romantic movie couples, then do throw a look at this website to find out.

Check out Hollywood Age Gap website here.

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