Create Video CV Online Free on this Website: Video CV Maker

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Here is a free website to create video CV online. Willo records 2-minute videos for each question that is generally asked in an interview. Here it asks you 6 such questions and you have to record your answers with your video and save it. It will then create a Portfolio like interface with that you can share with a recruiter while applying for a job.

People generally use traditional method for applying to a job where they manually create a CV or resume and then attached to the email with the cover letter. But if you want to stand out from those kinds of applicants, you can use the online video CV maker that I have mentioned here.

Instead of writing, you just record the interview questions as video and send it to the recruiter, and it will definitely increase your chances of being noticed. It gives you a link to be recorded video and it will stay up for next 6 months and after that it will be disabled automatically.

Create Video CV Online Free

Create Video CV Online Free on this Website:

To record a video CV, you don’t have to create an account here, but it will ask your email address though in order to send you the link to the recorded video. Go to the main website of Willo from here and then start with recording your video.

It records your video CV in a series of six steps. Each step is a question that is generally asked in an interview. For each step, you are given two minutes to record a video. So, without wasting much time, just start recording the video and save it and proceed to the next step. If you that something wrong then don’t worry as it lets you re record a video for every step.

Create Video CV Online Free on this Website

Willo Start Recording

Finally, when you are done recording all six questions, it will take you to the dedicated page that it creates for you and there you can see all the recorded videos with corresponding questions as captions. It will be easier for an interviewer for recruiter do you know anything about you by just playing any specific video that is present on this page.

Video CV

In the end, I just submit your email address here and it will send you the link to your video CV that you are free to share with anyone you want.

Willo Video CV Link Emailed

In this way, you can use this simple and straightforward tool to create a video CV and then share it with the recruiters in your job applications. It will Boost Your chances of getting noticed and also this is a recruiter will be able to know a few more things about you that a traditional email can’t. One of them best advantage is that, recruiter will be able to see your communication skills and confidence.

Final thoughts:

If you want to try a whole new way of creating curriculum vitae, then try creating it in a video format. And the tool life mention here does a pretty good job at that. Just have to record the answers to general interview questions and then send them to any recruiter or HR.

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