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The blog post talks about how to create event, sell tickets and manage invitees for free. PartyTalk is a free website that enables you to create unlimited party events at no cost. You can set your custom Venmo price for the events and invite your guests to join the party. If your guest responds positively and attends the party, you will get paid.

PartyTalk It is a perfect fee-free party planning and ticketing tool. By using this service, you can organize small parties or college parties and share the link with your friends. Also, the site lets you set the custom price for the party. You can track the response from your guests if they are coming or not and if they do attend the party, it benefits you.

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create event and share the link to invite guests

How to Create Event, Sell Tickets, Manage Invitees

To organize parties, you can first visit the website named PartyTalk. Now in order to manage an event, you will have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Create New Event: You can create a fresh event by mentioning a few details. You can mention the name of the event, description, location, date, and event time. Then, you can set the price for the event. Since the price is set for Venmo so you can also [rovide your email and password.

Once your event is created, you can edit it anytime. Also, you are free to organize college parties. With PartyTalk, you can create unlimited and free events.

  • The next step is to share the events with your guests. After creating the event, you see a dashboard. Here, you can simply share the link with your friends, family members.
  • Your guests will have to share their name, email id and number to join the event.
  • Once the party attenders respond to you, the site updates the information on the dashboard.

the response from the guest

As shown in the image above, it is the response from the guest who I invited. Similarly, other guests responds to you and you can know about who all are coming or not. You can take print of the list as well.

And when the guests are ready to join the party, they will be redirected to their Venmo will all the pre-filled form of a party. Then, you will be get paid with zero fees.

In brief

PartyTalk is a great event planning and ticketing tool. You can simply create events with zero fees. By inviting your friends or any other guest, you can get paid if they agree to come to the party. With this site, you can organize unlimited parties and receive payments using Venmo.

Try PartyTalk website.

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