Free Video Editing for YouTube Creators with AI Tools: YouTube Create

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YouTube Create is a free video editing app by YouTube that anybody can use to edit short and long videos right on their phone. This came as a response to TikTok releasing their own video editing app, CapCut. Now, you can also edit videos without any problems on your phone using YouTube Create. It comes with all the tools that you need to create and publish videos to your channel without any watermark.

For now, YouTube Create is in beta and is only available to Android users. It already has some amazing features that will appeal to the users who edit videos on their mobile. It will also have some AI features such as background noise removal and captions generator. For vloggers, these options are going to be very useful. You can create unlimited video projects and export them without a watermark.

There are numerous video editing apps available for mobile already. The problem is that for free, they leave a watermark or ask you to pay for subscription for some features. But YouTube Create app will be free and i am sure it will stay free along with all of its features.

YouTube Create Getting Started

Main Features of YouTube Create:

Offers various Easy-to-use Video Editing Tools:

• You can combine videos, photos, and audio all in one place to create something unique.
• Supports basic editing tools such as trim, crop, clip, etc.
• Supports around 40+ transitions to blend your clips together and give a visually pleasing effect.
• You can change the speed of the video quickly. Speed up video or slow it down in a few taps.

Advanced AI based Features to Edit Videos:

• YouTube Create can add captions or subtitles to your videos automatically with just one tap. However, this feature is only available in certain regions.
• You can now remove background noise from the audio in a single tap. It uses an intelligent algorithm to clean the audio.
• The app offers an AI background remover with the help of cut out effect.

Add Royalty Free Music and More:

• The app lets you pick from thousands of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects. The audio library comes with the YouTube audio license so you will never get a copyright claim or strike.
• The app helps you find the beat of your soundtrack and easily sync your video clips to the music. For that, it uses beat matching algorithm.
• There is a voiceover option to narrate your videos by live audio recording.

Filters & Effects:

• You can choose from the list of various color filters. In addition, you can enhance the video color by adjusting parameters such as saturation, brightness, etc.
• The app offers some customizable filters as well to set the mood.
• There are some other cool effects to choose from to make your videos stand out.

Fonts & Stickers:

• YouTube Create comes with hundreds of font designs already. In addition, there are animated text effects as well for you to choose from.
• Choose from a vast library of stickers and GIFs to add more creativity to your videos.

Share the Video Everywhere:

• YouTube Create allows you to resize videos to different aspect ratios. You can create and publish videos in portrait, landscape, and square formats.
• The app is tied to your Google account. It makes it easy to upload your videos and shorts directly to your YouTube channel.

Now, let’s see how to use this app to quickly edit a video and export it without watermark.

Using YouTube Create to Edit Videos on your Phone:

YouTube Create app as of now is available in 8 regions. If you are in one then you can search and install from the Play Store. However, the iPhone version is not available anywhere and it may arrive later or next year.

So, when you install and login, you will reach the main UI from where you can simply create a new project to get started. Next, you just import a video file from the gallery to start editing it.

YouTube Create Import Video

The very first thing you can explore is Filters. So, select the option and a pop-up will appear asking you to choose one. You can preview them one by one and if you like something then you can apply it.

YouTube Create Filters

Similarly, you access the Effects and then apply them on the whole video or a specific part. You are given a time-line here from where you can control the timing of effects and filters.

YouTube Create Effects

Want to add some cool and stylish text over the video? Simply find something in the Text sections. Here you will see some really amazing text styles and fonts. You can select the one you like and then add anywhere in the video.

Add test to Video YouTube Create

One of the main aspects of video editing tools is transitions. You can find some of the most common ones in the library. Select any transition and add it between any two consecutive clips. YouTube Create allows you to specifically enter the start and end time for it.

YouTube Create Transitions

Adding audio and music tracks to the videos only takes a few taps. The royalty free audio tracks can be added to monetized video channels. The license is a YouTube Audio Library License.

YouTube Create Audio Librray Royalty Free

In the audio editing aspects, you can also opt to remove the background noise from the entire audio clip. Just tap on the “Audio cleanup” option and wait for a few seconds. It might take some time as it depends on the length of the audio.

YouTube Create Background Noise Remove

If you have knowledge of video editing then just keep editing your video in your own way. When it is ready, simply choose the resolution, orientation, and export it. The option to export the video appears form the menu on the top right side.

YouTube Create Export

This is pretty much the video editing workflow when using the YouTube Create app. Create and edit videos professionally and then export them without a watermark.


In my genuine opinion YouTube Create offers almost everything that anyone could expect from a video editing app. For being free, it is actually offering a lot that others don’t offer yet. With the current feature set, it is safe to say that it can be added to the list of top 10 free video editing apps for Android. If you are a YouTube creator and have some knowledge of video editing then I would say this is a must have app that you should be having. And if you think otherwise, then you can always let me know.

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