RISE: Free CASE Tool for Software System Modeling

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RISE is a free software suite for modeling the software systems. It is a CASE (computer aided software engineering) tool that lets you model the needs of your application, and run in through various iterative processes, and generate code for that; all from within this free software modeling suite.

Development of a product model is an extremely important  activity before the actual product is developed from scratch. This involves the information modelling, interface modelling and the customized development. This is usually done with the help of a few diagrams and standard models that are based on modeling language constraints. All of these can be done with the RISE software suite, effortlessly.

Usually different software are required while modeling  different components of the system. This includes a separate utility for each of application modeling, Data modeling involving Databases, and Web Application component modeling. All this becomes difficult to do and this is where RISE is very useful.

This comes with a number of inbuilt features and options to create a system model from the scratch and the user need not use an independent component to design each of them separately. Information modeling,  Databases, web services, documentation etc., all can be done with a single source RISE model.


A simple MODEL-GENERATE –IMPLEMENT  architecture:

The user can design and model the information hierarchy in the application and include default content, interface etc., into it.  Then the user can generate Database classes, Data access methods,  web services and finally use the favorite development environment such as visual studio, AJAX, Netbeans etc, to generate the model.

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Features of RISE Software Modeling Suite:

Information structures:

Building an information hierarchy structure using the different models such as lists and trees, including new entities in the design, Including sub-objects in the  design etc., can be done during the information modeling process. RISE contains a number of inbuilt features and options for this purpose.

Entity relationships:

Entity modeling, visualizing and implementing the entity relationship diagrams, UML notations, Graphical editing , composite elements, annotations, methods , views and interfaces can be designed and generated. This ensures that you don’t have to use a separate E-R modeling tool like Dia or other Visio alternatives.

Information Hierarchy:

Designing the information hierarchy, relationship between the various entities in the model, the data flow from one component to the other can be done using the inbuilt features of the RISE suite.


Search indexes, composite indexes, attributes, relations, unique indexes etc., can be included in the design easily. This requires no additional knowhow about SQL , hashing etc.,

Consistency  and Refactoring:

RISE always maintains a consistent model throughout the design and this eliminates any additional manual effort that is required in maintaining the consistency of design. This not only includes verification during the data model consistency, but also during the naming renaming , entity relationships, new data object inclusion and deletion etc.,

One special feature of RISE is that it has an option of Refactoring that proposes an efficient design . This option generates a new model with the shortest path containing minimal operations for the same function. This is an efficient solution to remove the initial design mistakes and when this option is used, design errors can be stopped from being propagated into the other design elements.

Using Multiple Drawings, stereotypes and colors:

RISE  also facilitates multiple drawings and designs using the various available stereotypes and colors. A model may be composed of a number of drawings and the same component of the design can be used in different drawings. All these modeling with the help of drawings can be done using the Drag and Drop feature in the editor. Automatic object alignment, resizing, distributing and cascading the objects etc., can be done using the inbuilt features of  RISE editor suite.

A number  of stereotypes for the commonly used design elements are available in the RISE editor which can be used to develop the diagrammatic design are available. Some of them include, trees, lists, Classifications, Extensions, etc., All these are of much help when the user develops a design for information modeling with the concepts such as hierarchy and inheritance.

A number of color options are available to be used during the design. Colors can be used to differentiate between entities and indicate the hierarchy. Using colors not only enhances the design but also facilitates a better interpretation.

Importing database schema:

When databases are involved in the system, it is essential to develop it with a proper schema. Facilities to do so are available in the RISE software suite.  The user  can import databases including multiple columns, entities and tables. This support is extended for various kinds of Databases like SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, DB2 etc.

Other interesting features include:

  • Enhanced user experience with the help of a number of tools and options, similar to other Integrated development environments.
  • Simple-to-use modeling features and design generation using the options such as Refactoring to develop a consistent and efficient model.
  • Advanced editing features that supports editing of complex objects and components.
  • Options to generate code and Database scripts in various languages using the integrated editors is available.
  • Testing the model for its correctness and consistency by test running it.
  • Facility to implement the GUI using the inbuilt AJAX application and the JavaScript section.
  • Real-world Example solutions to get a clear idea about designing the system.

All these features and options make RISE, an efficient software suite for System modeling.

RISE can be, downloaded for free from Risetobloom.com. This software suite requires .NET Framework version 3.5 to run on the system.

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