4 Websites to Play Monopoly Online for Free

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Here is a list of 4 websites to play Monopoly online for free. Use these websites to enjoy a good game of Monopoly whenever you want and from wherever you are. Choose to play against bots or your friends or simply against random opponents. All of these websites let you play Monopoly for free. Some of these websites offer classic Monopoly game while the rest offer a new age version of Monopoly game with a few changes. You can choose to play any version of Monopoly for free.

Let’s get started with them and if you like Family Feud as well, then check websites to play Family Feud online.

1. POGO.com:


The first Monopoly online game in the list is offered by POGO.com. POGO offers game nearly similar to classic Monopoly. You can choose to play against players or robots. The website also shows number of players online. The game is the World edition of Monopoly; it means you can also purchase/sell properties even outside United States like: Hong Kong, Cape Town, Istanbul, Rome, etc. All other rules of the game are same like classic Monopoly. There is an History option which you can click to check the history of moves played by you and your opponents anytime.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it is must to have an account with POGO.com to play the game. The account is free and easy to get.

2. Zylom.com:


Zylom.com is the second website for playing Monopoly online for free. It also lets you choose whether you want to play against real opponents or bots. For bots, you can choose the difficulty level: First Time Buyer, Entrepreneur, and Tycoon. The website shows you the top view of Monopoly board while on the right side, you can see all required information. Here, you will also find a timer showing the time elapsed since the game started. Below the timer, there is History box which shows all the important activities which happened during the game along with the time stamp.

You can choose to play the game with or without registering for an account.

3. Hasbro:

Hasbro Monoploy Empire

The third website in the list is none other than Hasbro, the official maker of Monopoly board game. For the online version, Hasbro offers Monopoly Empire game in which you have to own world’s biggest brands like McDonald’s, Spotify, Intel, Ducati, Coca-cola, Xbox, etc. The aim of the game is to buy bigger brands to build the empire within the given time limit. Do remember that more is the popularity of the brand, higher is the cost of its ownership. So you need to keep everything in mind and build your own empire.

Apart from collecting brands, you can also collect Cash, Time, and Chance. The Chance is a surprise gift which can offer you anything randomly. There are also various mini games within the main Monopoly Empire which you will also enjoy.

4. Monopoly Money Wars:

Monopoly Money Wars

The last website in the list is Y8.com and it offers the game named as Monopoly Money Wars. You can play the game as 1 player or 2 players. The aim of the game is same as Monopoly where you have to collect the maximum money but this game is completely changed game play. There are various locations where you have to go and collect more money but faster than your opponent. Each location is like a level and it is decided by the rolling of a dice. During main levels, there are also bonus levels using which you can earn high amount of money with ease.

These are the 4 free websites to play Monopoly online for free. Check them out and start having fun straight away. Feel free to share you experiences and name of other websites which offer Monopoly online for free.

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