5 Free Websites To Change Eye Color Online

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Ever wonder how you will look with a different eye color? You can get the answer to this question right now. Here are top websites where you can easily Change Eye Color Online. With the help of these websites, you can test different eye colors on yourself (by uploading your picture), and find out which eye color suits you best. These websites are good for generating photos with different eye color. And, if you’re thinking about getting colored eye lenses, these websites can be helpful to narrow down the choices, so that, you can easily make your final design.

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Here Are The Top 5 Websites To Change Eye Color Online:


Sketchandcolor.org is the first entry in this list of online eye color changer websites. It’s a clean and straightforward website with features limited to changing eye color only. It also has a number of built-in iris. You can select a custom color for your eyes or you can go with the built-in iris. It gives very precise output.

Top 5 Websites To Change Eye Color Online


First of all, load your photo in the Change Eye Color Online editor. Then you have to select iris from both of your eyes. Zoom-in the photo with the scale slider and precisely set the iris scale for a perfect fit. Scale your image to bring the iris in the red circle. After that precisely select iris with the blue-colored curve for the bottom and green-colored curve for the top. Whenever you think its perfectly precise (more or less), click OK.

iris color

In the next step, you can choose whatever color you want to test. After selecting a color, you can control the opacity to make it look real. Also, you can try various built-in iris, which by the way doesn’t look natural at all.

eye color

Check it out yourself here.


iPiccy.com is an online photo editor where you can edit photos, make a collage, and create designs. It has a modern user interface which is straightforward and easy to use. It has a Retouching function, under which you can find Eye Color option. Here, you can change your eye color.


Select the Photo Editor from the homepage and it will load a photo editor. Upload your photo to the editor. Select the Retouch button from the left sidebar. In the Retouch menu, you can find Eye Color option under Eyes Retouching tab. It will give you a color palette with a brush to color your eyes. Coloring iris with a brush may not sound good at first, but it works and give precise real looking results.

online eye color changer

Select a color of your choice from the color palette and adjust the brush size to match with your iris size (keep it a bit smaller than the iris for good results). Then color your eyes and play with the opacity (Fade Scale) to make it look natural. When you are okay with the result, apply the eye color.

change eye color

Checkout iPiccy here.


AirOptix is a company that makes contact lenses. They also make colored lenses which you can virtually try online at Airoptix.com. This is an online color studio where you can try their colored contacts. And, that’s why it made to this list. This editor is also very precise and the output is more realistic.


Go to Airoptix.com and upload your photo to the color studio. In the next step, you have to set the outline of your eyes and the position of the iris. This is very simple; the color studio gives you a rough measurement, you have to make it precise. Then go to the Select Lens Color section.

colored contact lenses

Here, you can select any lenses from the given 9 choices. If the result doesn’t look good, you can adjust the measurements further again to make it look real. Like the above 2 editors, the results are very fine and accurate here as well.

online editor

Check it out yourself here.


Lunapic.com is the next entry in this list of websites to change eye color. LunaPic is an online photo editor with a ton of features. It has a side tool panel similar to Paint.net with almost same features. It has Color Tint feature, which can be used to change eye color online.


Upload your picture to the LunaPic online editor and follow these steps:

  • Click on the Crop icon from the left side tool panel.
  • Crop options will appear on your screen; under Tool drop-down, select circle.
  • Use the crop circle tool to select your iris (one at a time).

change eye color online

  • Once you selected the iris, click on the Color Tint button. It will show a Color Tint option.
  • Type your color in the Color Tint textbox and apply.

LunaPic gives good output but not as realistic as all above.

eye color tint

Access LunaPic here.


Last entry in this list of websites to change eye color online is Colorfuleyes.org. This website has an editor with only a single feature, which is “Eye Color Changer”.


Upload your photo to the Eye Color Changer editor. Then, choose the eye color from the 7 choices. Two lenses will appear on your photo. These lenses are in shape of iris with a cut-out for the pupil. Now, you have to position these lenses perfectly on to your actual iris in the photo. You can resize the lenses’ height and width with the drag scale given in the right side panel.

color tint

Again, the results are not as realistic as other entries in this list. But it has some really nice color options, and with some playing with the whole positioning, you can get good results.

change eye color

Check it out here.

Final Words

All of the above-mentioned eye color changer websites are free and easy to use. Some are very precise, while some give you a wide color range to choose from. The final choice is up to you; check these out yourself and tell us which suits you the most.

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