3 Online FBX Viewer Free Websites

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This article covers 3 free online FBX viewer websites. FBX file includes 2D or 3D drawing mostly and it is owned by Autodesk. If you need some free online options to view FBX content, then this list is definitely gonna help you. While two websites let you drag n drop FBX file to view it, third website lets you create a free account to store and view FBX file content. When the FBX file is added, you can view it from different angles using left mouse button. Just press n hold the button while cursor on FBX file and move it.

There are many other useful features that you can try. For example, you can view AMF, GLB, SVG, OBJ, or other supported format files, adjust shadow and lighting, publish your FBX file to share with others, convert FBX to GLB, and more.

Let’s check these free online FBX viewers one by one.

Creators 3D

Creators 3D

This (Creators 3D) is a fantastic website to view FBX file online. The features that make it stand apart from the crowd is you can adjust scene (or viewing distance), lighting, allow image manipulation, show/hide outline, etc. You can also mark outlines for X, Y, and Z axis dimensions with custom color.

Shadow position can also be adjusted for FBX file content. There is a separate section for this. You can either enable the shadow to follow camera or set shadow position to a specific angle using the available option. Apart from these features, a unique feature is also there which helps you convert FBX to GLB format file.

You can also use this website to open AMF, MPD, GCODE, BVH, 3MF, GLB, STL, SVG, KMZ, or other format files. Because of all these features, it is one of my favorite online FBX viewer.


Threejs.com website

Threejs.com brings a very simple FBX viewer tool. To view FBX file, all you need to do is drag FBX file from the folder stored in your PC and drag that file on its interface. This will quickly load FBX file and you can view it. It doesn’t come with shadow, lighting, zoom in and out feature but you can view FBX file content easily. It may not give good output for large FBX file, but good to use for small files.

A couple of other options are also there which lets you turn on/off gamma output and change tone mapping to linear or access filmic. The website can also be used to view gITF file which is a good feature. If this website meets the requirements, then this is surely a good option to try.


Sketchfab website

Sketchfab website lets you view FBX file, OBJ, *.blend, DAE, STL, and other format files. Its special and unique feature is it lets you view FBX in VR mode. You can also store your FBX files on this website as well as publish them. Just create a free account on this website and then you can upload and view FBX file. Theater, normal, and VR view modes are available to view FBX file.

Model (or FBX file object) color can also be changed easily. The free plan is good enough for basic usage but you should also know about the limitations of this free. This free plan lets you upload a maximum 100 MB FBX file and all your uploads will remain in public mode.

If you are looking for FBX viewer software, then check this list.

The Conclusion:

These are the free online FBX viewer websites you can try. Among these FBX viewers, my favorite is the first website because there are multiple input options which include adjust lighting, shadow effect, and FBX to GLB conversion.

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