5 Online EPUB to FB2 Converter Free Websites

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Here, you will read about 5 online EPUB to FB2 converter websites that are available for free. To convert the files online, upload the EPUB file in the converter. Then, you can choose the output format in which you want to convert the file. The online file converters support many formats, e.g., MOBI, AZW, PDB, PDF, EPUB, FB2, etc. After that, you can click the convert button to start the conversion. The converters let you save the output of converted FB2 file as well.

There are different ways to add input file in the converter. You can browse the EPUB file from your computer. Also, you can upload a file from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Link. A few of these online converters let you add more than one file at a time whereas others let you add only one file to convert. It becomes very easy to use these converters online. You can quickly convert EPUB to FB2. You can also check out EPUB to MOBI, EPUB to WORD, etc.

So let’s look at each converter and understand how do they work.

1. Online-Convert.Com

Convert EPUB to FB2 Online

Online-Convert.Com is a free website to convert EPUB to FB2 files. You don’t need to sign up to convert files. Besides converting the eBooks, the site also converts videos, documents images, audios, archives, etc.

Converting files online, you have to go to eBook converter. Then, you can click on the output format in which you want to convert the files. When you go to convert to FB2, an interface appears. There you have to drop the input file (EPUB). If the file is saved in your cloud account, then you can directly add the file from Dropbox or Google Drive. Also, you can enter the file link in the converter. Thereafter, you can click on the conversion button.

There is also an optional setting option. The output of the file you want to convert can be changed. The site lets you change the eBook title, author, border, font size, etc. You can do this setting before starting the conversion. And download the file in a way you want.

2. Zamzar

Convert EPUB to FB2 Online

Zamzar is an online EPUB to FB2 converter. The site provides you many formats for Image, document, music, video, eBook. Also, you can compress file formats.

To convert files from EPUB to FB2, you can see three steps. Firstly select a file which you want to convert. You can drop the EPUB file through the link as well. When you upload EPUB file, you can follow by choosing the output format (FB2) in the second step. After that, you can go to the third step where you can click on the convert button.

3. Convertio

Convert EPUB to FB2 Online

Convertio is also a good option to convert files online. This online file converter does multiple things, e.g., Image, audio, video, document, archive, presentation, eBook, and font converter.

As aforementioned, you can upload EPUB file from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, URL. You can upload multiple files with the file size of 100 MB. The converters have good enough output formats. You can choose the FB2 format to start the file conversion. And then click the Convert button. When the converter converts the EPUB file into FB2, you can save the file on your computer.

4. Convert.Files

Convert EPUB to FB2 Online

Convert.Files is a free online file converter. The site lets you convert drawing, document, eBook, presentation, video, image, archive, audio, and others.

When you visit the site, you will see on the left is the input section and output on the right. You can browse the input file from your computer. Once the file gets uploaded in the converter, you can select the FB2 format from the right. If you wish, you can enter the email id in order to get the download link of the converted file. Once done, you can convert files online. Also, download the output of FB2 file.

5. Go4Convert

Convert EPUB to FB2 Online

Go4Convert is a simple website to convert files online. Using this converter, you can convert file of one format to different file, e.g., RTF, EPUB, TXT, etc.

To convert EPUB to FB2 file, you can drop the EPUB file. You can also upload an input file from the web. Once the file is uploaded in the converter, you will the Start button in a circle. You can click on that to start the file conversion. After that, the file automatically starts downloading.

In brief

There are many options online to convert the files from one format to another. The above-mentioned websites are completely free online file converters. You can convert not just eBooks but also document, audio, video, presentation, archive, etc. You may try these online file converters and start converting files in a few minutes.

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