6 Free Printable Picture Sudoku Puzzle Games for Kids

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This article covers free websites which offer printable Picture Sudoku puzzle games. Picture Sudoku games are a good way for kids to understand how this game is played. In classic Sudoku puzzle we use numbers from 1 to 9 to be filled in the Sudoku grid. But in Picture Sudoku puzzle we use some type of pictures like of fruits, animals, shapes, colors, etc. This was kids can also learn this fun game easily.

Also the Sudoku grid for kids is usually smaller than 9×9 blocks. It is usually 3×3 blocks to make it easy for kids to learn.

Let’s look at the websites we found to play Picture Sudoku puzzle games online below.


SuperColoring is a fun website with lots of printable picture Sudoku puzzles. You can use the link given to open this picture Sudoku page which is shown in the screenshot above. All the Sudoku puzzles are listed in tile format. Each puzzle has a different theme like autumn, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

To download a picture Sudoku sheet, just click on the one you like and it will open up in a page with a button below the printable page which says “puzzle PDF”. Click on this button and the puzzle page will open up in PDF format in a new tab. From this tab choose the download icon given at the top right corner. This will save this Sudoku puzzle on your computer in PDF format, which can be printed whenever you want.

Kids can have Fun

Kids can have Fun is a website for kids with games, puzzles, mazes, worksheets, coloring, etc. activities. Inside the puzzles section are Sudoku puzzles and among them you will find 2 picture Sudoku puzzles. Two might sound like a very less, but the puzzles will be pretty fun for the kids. One Sudoku comes with smiley pictures and the other one comes gardening tools pictures. Both the puzzles have answers accompanied with them.

To download a puzzle, click on the puzzle link provided. This will open the puzzle in PDF format in a new window. The PDF file will have three pages. One page is for the puzzle, second page has smileys which you can cut and use to complete the puzzle, and third page has the puzzle answer on it. Click the download icon given on the top right corner to download the file to your computer in PDF format. You can easily print this PDF file anytime you want.

Preschool Printable Activities

Preschool Printable Activities website offers you many printable picture Sudoku games. This can be seen in the screenshot above. All the sheets are listed on the website page in tile format with images visible.

To download, click on the Sudoku puzzle you like. It will immediately open in full page view in PDF format. Click the download icon given in the top right corner. This will download the Sudoku puzzle sheet on your computer in PDF format which can be printed out easily.

Gift of Curiosity

Gift of Curiosity is a nice website with some nice printable picture Sudoku puzzle games. The website has lots of things which you can go through. For picture Sudoku puzzles you can go to the printables section. In this section, go to any heading like printables by age. From here you can choose your child’s age. Then the printables will be shown and among them you will find picture Sudoku puzzles as well.

To download, click on the picture Sudoku you like. Now click on add to cart button and then go to view your cart. Then click on proceed to checkout button. Now the website will ask for your information like name, and email address. After that click the submit order button. An email will be sent to your email account with the download link to the Sudoku puzzles you had chosen. From the link you can download the picture Sudoku puzzles on to your computer.


Education.com provides some really nice printable picture Sudoku puzzles. The website needs you to sign in and create an account before letting you download anything. You can also sign in using your Facebook or Google ID. Once done you will see all the Sudoku puzzles listed, as can be seen in the above screenshot.

To download, click on the sheet you want to download. It will open up with a small image of the sheet along with a description of the game. Below the description you will find a print worksheet button. When you click this button, the Sudoku sheet will open up in PDF format in a new tab. From this tab click the download icon from the top right corner. This will download the Sudoku worksheet to your computer in PDF format.


dltk-kids website has some nice picture Sudoku puzzles. When you reach this website, you will see a page asking you to choose if you want the puzzle to be colored or black & white. Once you have made that choice, your puzzle will open up in a new window.

To download, right click on the image and choose save image as option. This will save the image on your computer in JPEG format.


These are some nice websites where you can find picture Sudoku puzzles games for kids. You can easily download them to your computer and get them printed. Picture Sudoku puzzles are great for kids who have an interest in puzzle games. Do try these websites for picture Sudoku games for kids.

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