10 Free Printable Kindergarten Worksheets Online

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Here I am covering 10 free printable kindergarten worksheets online. These websites have Math, English, puzzles and other types of worksheets which are fun and educational for kids. For example, Math worksheets can help kids in learning numbers, English worksheets teach kids to learn alphabets, tracing alphabets, upper and lower cases sounds, etc. You can provide children with printouts of these worksheets and make them practice on it.

With the help of free printable kindergarten worksheets provided by these websites, children can improve their learning power. They won’t even get bored as there are so many activities to do for kids. Kids can try any worksheet any day.

1. KindergartenWorksheets


KindergartenWorksheets is the best website to get free printable worksheets for kids. The site has worksheets for various subjects like English, Maths, Science and drawing. From here, I picked math worksheet which helps kids in learning numbers in a fun way.

In the above image, the sheet has different numbers on it along with dotted numbers to be traced. Here, a kid needs to trace these numbers given to practice number formation and then have to write it by themselves in the last box. This way, children will be able to learn numbers formations easily. You can take a printout of these worksheets and provide it to kids so that they can practice. The site offers other worksheets like tracing alphabets, cursive writing to make their handwriting style better and worksheet with alphabets and pictures.

2. Education.com


This website (Education.com) has many worksheets for children. As you can see in the above image. The first worksheet asks kids that they have to trace diagonal lines and then trace letter A for several times on the sheet. It makes them practice the letters in an interesting way.

In the second sheet, it has colorful stars. Here, a kid has to count the number of stars and then write the digit in the given box. Then kids have to count the total number of stars to complete the equation in the last box. This math worksheet can help kids in counting.

These kinds of free printable kindergarten worksheets offer counting, letter recognition skills and other kinds of practice. It engages children to solve sums in an interesting way.

3.  GreatSCHOOLS.org


GreatSCHOOLS is the good website that offers worksheets in variety. It has worksheets from math to science, English to drawing. In the above image, you can see, there are many shapes like circle, rectangle, triangle, etc given in the worksheet. The worksheet asks kids to color big triangles with red color, the small circle with blue color. Thereafter, kids have to count the colored shapes. This is a good activity for kids to know about different shapes, colors, and counting. It will also help kids to learn about small and big size difference.

There are other free printable kindergarten worksheets available on this website. One of the science worksheets that I have tried had a picture of a human body with the name of body parts. Kids have to recognize the name of the body part and then match the word with the body. It helps kids to learn the names of different body parts in a easy way.

4. KidZone


KidZone has many worksheets for different subjects. For example, the above image has 7 turtles in the race along with 1 snail. Kids have to fill colors in the turtles according to the instructions mentioned on the sheet. Like the second turtle has to be colored green. For this, a child has to see where the second turtle is in the race, then they have to color. Similarly, the remaining turtles have to be filled with different colors as mentioned in the picture. The interesting part about this worksheet is that there is a snail among 7 turtles, so the children have to make sure that they don’t color this snail. Worksheets like this will help kids recognize things, colors, count numbers, etc.

5. K5 Learning

K5 Learning

K5 Learning has different types of worksheets for different subjects. Here, I picked up two color worksheets. The first naming color worksheet asks kids to match the color with its color name. For example, the brown color is to be matched with word brown and the blue color with word blue. This helps kids to recognize different colors along with the color spellings.

In the second worksheet, the children have to match the color with the same colored object. For example, the word yellow should be matched with yellow colored sun image. It is a fun activity for children to make them learn about colors.

There are other free printable kindergarten worksheets that offer shape games in which the children have to recognize different shapes, letter recognition skills to help children recognize different letters and simple concept of math and much more.

6. FunbrainJr.


FunbrainJr. has cartoon visuals on the site. Children will love this website. It has so many categories of free printable kindergarten worksheets like coloring the sheets, Joining the dots to form an image, match the color games and so on. The site also offers games, stories and stickers.

You can see in the above image. The worksheet has two of the same animals in each box. Here, the child has to read the line mentioned below the animal picture. If it says to circle left animal then the child has to circle the left animal from the 2 animals. It helps children to learn about directions like left and right, above and below.

There are other worksheets available on the site like matching the alphabets, Puzzle games and many more fun games.



SCHOOL SPARKS has various worksheets to stimulate the mind of a child. You can see in the above image, there are four free printable kindergarten worksheets. The first one is tracing shapes worksheet in which a child has to trace the circle shape so they can learn how to draw it. It also helps kids to learn the name of the shape. Drawing a circle for a kid is a difficult task, but with the help of this shape worksheet learning becomes easy and fun.

The second worksheet is to learn colors. This worksheet helps children to identify colors. Just like you see in the above image, the sheet has red colored objects only. This is an easy way to teach children about colors.

The third sheet has the same activity in which the child has to match the color name with the same colored object. For example, the word purple should be matched with purple berries.

The site has similar activities on which a kid can practice in a playing and educational manner.

8. my Teaching Station

my Teaching Station
The website (my Teaching Station) has many free printable kindergarten worksheets on which a child can practice. You can see in the above image. The first picture asks kids to trace the first letter of a word that starts with letter B. Each word has an image whose beginning sound is letter B. Through this, a kid will learn to pronounce names of objects. In this way, kids will learn all the alphabets along with objects they represent and the sound that they make.

In the second worksheet, a kid will learn different words with different images. Here, a child can learn to speak words with various pictures. Teachers and parent can provide the sheets as printouts to kids.

In the third worksheet, a kid has to trace uppercase letter B and lowercase letter B. The kid will learn letter by seeing an image. This is a fun way to learn every single alphabet.

9. Confessions of a HOMESCHOOLER

Confessions of a HOMESCHOOLER

The website (confessions of a HOMESCHOOLER) offers quite good worksheets. It has worksheets for various subjects. You can see in the above image what kind of printable worksheet it has. In these different math worksheets, a kid has to count images of different objects and then write the total number in the circle. These activities can help kids in counting the numbers.

There are other free printable kindergarten worksheets available on this site. There are writing practice, tracing letters and numbers, beginning sounds of alphabets. I tried one of the Alphabetical order puzzle worksheet on this site. In that worksheet, there are puzzles of alphabets. Kids have to solve the puzzle according to the alphabets sequence. You can try more worksheets to teach children different activities.



JUMPSTART has many worksheets to solve. This site does not have only tracing letters worksheets but other fun activities which will make the children stay engaged. You can see in the above image. The very first worksheet asks kids about five senses. In this worksheet, kids have to cut out the names of the senses and paste them in the boxes where they belong. This free 5 senses worksheet will stimulate children’s mind and they will learn quickly.

Other worksheets you can see above like sensational eyes. In this worksheet, a kid has to recognize the picture of body part printed on a sheet and a child has to write three words that they can touch, taste, see, eat, etc. Through this, a child can learn about senses and there functions in your body. .

Children are curious to learn about new things. This is the best age for them to learn various concepts with the help of these printable worksheets. Apart from these activities, you can also read this article for handwriting worksheets.

In brief

These free printable worksheets are fun for kindergarten children. With the help of these activities, children can learn many things that help in their education. These 10 websites have worksheets for different subjects like Maths, English, Drawing, Science and other art activities. Teach your children with these educational activities.

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