4 Free Printable Cryptogram Puzzle Maker Websites

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This article covers free printable Cryptogram puzzle maker websites. A lot of people are fond of solving cryptogram puzzles. A cryptogram in simple words is text written in code. It usually consists of a short text message in a encrypted format. Solving puzzles is easy as the cipher used to encrypt the text can be solved by hand. The cipher used in these replace a letter by a number or a different letter.

The websites I have covered in this article let you create nice cryptogram puzzles where the puzzles are properly set in a grid with boxes to fill out. The solution grid is provided along with the letter grid to solve it. I came across a lot of websites which plainly show you the encrypted text which can be copied and pasted. You can share such encrypted text with your friends on chat or social media. I have not included these websites in this article.

Let’s look at these free printable cryptogram puzzle maker websites below.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education offers you a cryptogram puzzle maker, which looks like the screenshot above. In this puzzle maker you have to start with giving a name/title to the puzzle. After that in step 2 you have to enter the text phrase you want to encrypt. In step 3 choose the character style to encrypt the text. You can use numbers, English letters, or Greek letters for encryption. Step 4 lets you choose if you want to give away some letters to help out the people solving the puzzle. You can enter more than one letter or you can also leave it blank.

Once you are done with all this, click on the create my puzzle button and your cryptogram will be created as shown in the above screenshot. As I gave away the letter “E”, so we already know that letter “E” is represented by the number “17”. Now rest of the numbers are the ones which you need to figure out. You can easily print this cryptogram puzzle on your computer and take a print out of it.


Kidzone is another website with a nice cryptogram maker. On its home page you will see a cryptogram maker like the one shown in the screenshot above. You have two options on the page, first you can choose one of the pre-made cryptograms on the page which you can try out. Or you can build your own puzzle by entering a phrase. Then click the button at the bottom to move on to the next screen. On this page you can choose if you want the answer key to be printed with the puzzle. Then click build cryptogram button given.

As soon as you click the button the cryptogram will be generated, as can be seen in the screenshot above. Your cryptogram will be created and is ready for printing. You can save this cryptogram to your computer and print it later.

Hanging Hyena

Hanging Hyena is a nice website with a easy to use cryptogram puzzle maker. You will see the cryptogram maker page as shown in the screenshot above. You can either enter a text phrase of your own or you can choose one. On the right side you will see a potential topic drop down box. From here you can choose a topic which you like and the fields towards the left will be auto populated. If you want to enter your own, then you will have to choose a title and enter your text phrase on your own. You can also give a hint letter to help out the people solving the puzzle.

Once you are ready click the generate puzzle button given at the bottom. This will create your puzzle and show it you like the one shown in screenshot above. You will also see the hint that you entered at the bottom of the page. You can easily print this cryptogram or save it on your computer.


dkmGames has a nice cryptogram puzzle maker. This puzzle maker looks like the screenshot above. In this you will have to enter a text message with a minimum length of 50 characters. After that click on the test puzzle button given below this box.

This button will generate your puzzle for you which looks like the screenshot above. You can solve this puzzle online as well, that is the best part about this website. Just select a place and all the places which have the same letter will be highlighted. When you enter a letter, all the highlighted places will also be filled with the same letter. There is a hints button at the bottom to help you out along with a timer which tells you how much time you took to solve the puzzle. The cryptogram can easily be printed as well to solve it offline by taking a print out.


These are some nice printable cryptogram puzzle maker websites which let you make cryptogram puzzle with proper grid and boxes. You can easily download these puzzles to your computer and print them later. These cryptogram puzzles are pretty challenging. So give them a try.

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