3 Free FB2 To MOBI Converter Software

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Here are 3 free FB2 to MOBI converter software. You can bulk convert FB2 files to MOBI format files using these software. Apart from that, each individual FB2 to MOBI converter software in this list has one or more unique features. You can enable the parallel conversion, view eBook files, manage them, convert input files by devices, edit eBook metadata, etc.

One more feature that you will like is that apart from just converting FB2 files to MOBI files, these software support many other eBook formats for conversion. You can convert ePub files, PDF, CBZ, CBR, DJVU, and other files.

So, let’s begin with the first free FB2 to MOBI converter software in this list.

HAMSTER Free eBook Converter

HAMSTER Free eBook Converter Software interface

HAMSTER Free eBook Converter is one of my favorite FB2 to MOBI converter software. The reason is that it lets you convert FB2 to MOBI files in only 3 steps. You need to add FB2 files, select the output format, and then begin the conversion process. The conversion speed is also good. Before conversion, it also prompts to select the output directory where the output files will be stored.

Apart from just converting FB2 to MOBI files, it supports a lot of other eBook files. For example, you can use it to convert PDF, ePub, LIT, LRF, and many other eBooks.

One of the best features of this software is that you can convert eBooks by devices. For example, you can select output device type (Sony, Apple, iPad, Amazon Kindle 3, etc.) and then choose any of the output formats available for that device. More than 200 devices are supported. So it is not just a simple FB2 to MOBI converter software. You can use it as your all in one eBook converter software.

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calibre software interface

calibre is a very popular software which also supports FB2 to MOBI conversion feature. This is a powerful eBook management as well as converter software. This software also supports bulk conversion for FB2 to MOBI or other formats. The output is saved in the calibre library folder selected by you.

When you have added FB2 files on its interface, you can select all or some files, and then use Bulk convert option available under Convert ebooks menu. Finally, you can select the output format as MOBI and then begin the conversion. You can also adjust some output settings before conversion. For example, you can set minimum line height, remove spacing between the paragraphs, add a blank line between paragraphs, etc.

Apart from bulk converting FB2 to MOBI files, you can use this feature-rich eBook management software to convert MOBI to AZW3, PDF, TXT, RTF, LRF, LIT, and more.

Other features like view FB2, ePub, PDF, and other file formats, edit metadata of a particular file or multiple files, etc., make it a strong competitor to other software.


TEBookConverter- interface

TEBookConverter is another FB2 to MOBI converter software. It can also bulk convert FB2 files to MOBI format files. The unique feature of this software is that you can enable parallel conversion count. That means you can convert multiple FB2 files at the same time. No need to first wait for the conversion of the first file and so on. Parallel conversion count can be set between 1 to 16. This will also increase the conversion speed.

Apart from bulk converting FB2 to MOBI files, this software supports CBZ, DJVU, HTML, RTF, PDF, ODT, and other format files for conversion. It comes with a very simple interface where you can drop files or use File menu to add input files. After that, you can set the output directory, format, and parallel conversion number. When all the settings are done, you can click Start conversion button and wait to get the output files.

Check its full review.

Note: TEBookConverter software takes the help of calibre eBook management software for conversion. That means you must have installed calibre software on your PC. Otherwise, the software won’t work. You don’t have to run calibre software as it detects the software automatically for conversion.

The Verdict:

These are some really useful FB2 to MOBI converter software. All these software do their job successfully and save your time when you have to bulk convert FB2 to MOBI format files. For me, the first software “HAMSTER Free eBook Converter” software is perfect. calibre is no doubt a very good software for this purpose, but the reason I want to avoid it is that it has a complicated interface. So in that case, TEBookConverter software can be useful, which actually uses calibre for conversion, but provides a simple interface. Do you know some other free software that can convert FB2 to MOBI? If yes, then share it with us using the Comments section below.

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