4 Free Software To Compare Excel Files

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Here, is a list of 4 free software to compare Excel files.

Often we need to compare two Excel files with same structure but different data. Like in case when we want to verify the same data isn’t entered more than once, or determine the differences between monthly or quarterly financial reports, or to check whether the information for a particular record has been entered correctly or not.

Comparing Excel data is essential sometimes, and though there are many tricks and tips that lets you easily compare Excel files, there is no dedicated option in Excel that does the task for you. If you don’t want to twist your mind with complicated formulas (like VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP), here is a bunch of handy software that lets you compare Excel files for free. Have a look and give them a try!

Compare Sheets:

compare sheets

Compare Sheets is a free software that can compare two Excel sheets and display the results of comparison in another sheet. It’s a lightweight and portable app that works independently of Microsoft Excel and does file comparison without having to install Excel or other similar app in your system.

Compare Sheets takes up Excel data in tabular format, having both the tables on separate sheets of the same workbook. Then it compare them based on a specific column which uniquely identifies rows in the two tables. Once you specify this reference column, Compare Sheets will generate the result table containing rows from first sheet that do not have matching fields in the second sheet.

Compare Sheets works with all excel workbooks in “excel 97-2003” format. Download it free and give it a try.


akin interface

Akin is another free application that compares two Excel workbooks and track all differences between them. It’s a lightweight and easy to use program that does file comparison on values as well as formulas. The comparison based on values identifies the changes in inputs and the comparison based on formulas finds out the differences between the data structure.

Akin comes packed with features like this, and another useful feature of this freeware includes “Zoom in on difference”. This highlights all cells on the spreadsheet where differences exists (hiding the identical cells) when you click on a particular row or column header. Akin also displays a summary of differences between the two spreadsheets, allowing you to have a comparison overview at a glance.

Akin works with Microsoft Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 and requires .NET 3.5 SP1 to be installed on your system. Check it out now and give it a try.



TableTextCompare is a free software that compares Excel files in csv, tsv, and txt formats. It’s a handy and lightweight application that does a brilliant file comparison and highlights all prominent differences between the two files. TableTextCompare has the ability to compare files even when they don’t have sorted columns or fields.

Using TableTextCompare is pretty easy. You just need to select the files from your system you want to compare. TableTextCompare will then quickly compare these files and generates report which you can save on your system or copy to clipboard.

TableTextCompare is simple, easy to use, and an efficient program to compare excel files saved in csv format. Download free and give it a try.



ExelDiff is a free tool that can compare Excel files and figure out the differences between them. It’s an extremely simple and easy to use tool that compares two excel spreadsheets and save the results in html format. ExcelDiff produces comprehensive results and highlight all cells that have difference in values.

ExcelDiff is a portable app that runs without prior installation. All you need to do is to browse Excel files from your system you want to compare and select an output folder after launching the app. Then just choose the report style and hit “Compare” button. That’s it! ExcelDiff will quickly compare the files, generate report in the desired layout and open it in your browser tab. It also generates JavaScript tooltips, which you can disable from the “Options” panel.

ExcelDiff is simple, minimalistic, and handy. Download free and give it a try.

These were some of the best free software I have found that lets you compare Excel files. If you know something else, do let us know in comments.



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