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iExpense Diary is a free Android Expense Manager App that allows you to keep a record of income and expenses, and also shows statistics. The results are also displayed in the form of pie charts. The app is very useful for people who have a hard time keeping a diary to maintain their accounts. This Android app enables you to carry all your transaction details with you, everywhere you go. It is very easy to record expenses in this Android expense manager app. You can also select different categories for the expenses. The app also lets you keep a record of the type of payment done, be it cash, card, or bank transfer.

iExpense Diary

Some Features of this Android Expense Manager App:

  • Simple to use interface.
  • Track your accounts with this app.
  • Easily add your incomes and expenditures.
  • Add types of income.
  • Select category for each expense.
  • View daily, weekly, monthly statistics.
  • Select any currency of the world.
  • Select payment type: cash, credit, etc.
  • Add recursive income and expense.
  • Automatically logs recurrent entries.
  • Evaluate using pie- charts.
  • Add notes with each entry, if required.
  • In-app tutorial on how to use the app.
  • In-app support feature.

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iExpense Android App

How to Use iExpense Expense manager App for Android:

Download and install iExpense Diary using the  QR code given at the end of this review. Once installation is completed, you can launch the app by tapping on its icon on your Android device. You will see the main page of this expense manager app, from where you can add your incomes and expenses. But first, we need to set the currency. To do so, tap  on the 3 bars icon on the top left corner of the screen. From here, go to settings. Now, click on Currency Settings. Select your currency from the list of almost all the currencies in the world, be it Euros, Pounds, Dollars, Dram, Dinar, Manat, Taka, Ruble, Rupee, Franc, Peso, Yen, or any other. Select ‘Done’.

Now Go to the main screen of this expense manager app. Here, you can start adding your income. To do so, tap on the Plus icon on the top right corner of the page. Now, tap on the Income tab to make it green. Here, you can add your income in the currency of your choice. You can also add the type of income, for e.g. Salary, Bonus, Interest etc. The app also allows you to add a note for every transaction. Click on Save.

iExpense Diary app

Now, you need to add your expenses. Click on the Expenses tab. It will be displayed in Red. You can enter the amount of your expense and even set them as recurrent if it is something you spend on, on a regular basis. You can add the type of payment such as cash, credit card, debit card, and bank transfer.

This expense manager app lets you add expenses in various categories. The categories include Bills, House, Food, Personal, Utilities, Wardrobe Shopping, Vacation, and Miscellaneous. Every category has more specific options that you can select. For e.g. In Bills category, you can select the type of bill- Rent, Electricity, Taxes. Similarly, from Utilities you can select Internet, Cable, Gas etc.

Statistics are also provided in the app for daily, weekly, and monthly analysis. You can view pie charts and lists for all your incomes and expenses.

iExpense Diary statistics

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My Verdict on the App:

iExpense Diary is a very useful Android app that allows you to track your income, your expenditures, and savings. You can track where you spend your money the most, and also realize where you could have avoided wasting it. The best thing is that it has a Bad Habits category. So every time you buy a cigarette pack just record it as a bad habit. At the end of the month you will realize you could have bought yourself a favorite item that you always wanted with what you spent on bad habits. A must use for all spendaholics.

Get iExpense Diary here or use the QR Code below.


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