5 Free Photo Weight Loss Tracker Android Apps

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Weight loss tracker apps are available in a huge quantity whether they are on Android, iOS, or websites. People who decide to begin their weight loss journey look for a weight loss tracker first. This is to keep a track of their weight loss progress. The weight loss apps also come with a lot of additional features apart from just logging weight. In this article, we are covering weight loss apps for Android, but with a difference. The apps in this article track your weight loss progress through photos.

The apps in this article let you take a selfie each day through your weight loss journey. Weight loss tracking through photos can help you look back and see what has been working for you and what has not.

The Android apps are free to download. Now let’s see these Android photo weight loss tracker apps given below/


Shapez is a weight loss tracker app with the photo option in it. You will have to login to the app using your Facebook or Google account. Once you do that the app will ask for access to your phone camera so that you can click pictures of your weight loss progress. The app show you tips on taking a good photo.

The app asks you to stand in front of a mirror and align the picture from camera with the overlay seen on your screen. You can save front, side, and back photo of yours in the app. When you click a photo the measurements are automatically filled in for selected fields like chest, stomach, abs, etc. The app auto calculates this based on the photo. You can edit the values in the fields in case they are different. As soon as you click the check mark icon the photos are saved with date and your weight on that day.

The hamburger icon will show you your profile, your progress page, measurements page, and settings. The profile page will show you your weight goal, days since you started using this app, amount of weight you lost, etc. The progress page will let you record your weight loss through photos. You can go to this section and load more photos of you after every few days. The measurements page will show you a graph of your weight loss in terms of kgs and cms.


SnapTrack lets you log in your weight loss through photos. When you start this app you can either create a account and sign in or you can continue without signing in as a guest. When you continue, you will be asked to grant camera access to the app so it can take pictures. Once that is done click on the camera icon at the top of the page. You will see two options, click a picture using camera or use a existing picture. You can choose either option and upload a photo to the app. There is a video ad which plays every time you upload a photo, which is a little annoying. After you upload a photo, you will see a measurements label in the center of the screen. Click this label and you will be asked to enter body measurements like weight, waist, height, bust, dress size, shoulders, age, etc.

You can fill in what all measurements you know. All the measurements will be added to the screen below your photo which you just took. That is all the app lets you do. So you can store a picture of yours everyday and track your weight loss progress through photos.


ProgOn also lets you upload photos to monitor your weight loss progress. When you start with this app, the app asks for camera access to click your photos. Grant the access and you will be asked to create a folder by giving it a name. All your photos will be saved to this folder. You can click a photo using your camera, or you can use existing photo from your phone gallery.

Upload photos to the app and you can even add notes at the bottom of the picture like you can enter weight and body measurements of that particular day. The lets you see your weight loss progress through photos using the progress tab given at the bottom using the slider given. You do need to have photos over a period of time to use this feature. The before/after tab lets you see your photos side by side to compare your weight loss progress.


ProgressIt is a nice photo weight tracker. When you open the app, you will be shown a calendar and will be asked to add a current photo of yours. You can also upload photos of any weight loss you have gone through in the past as well. Just go back in the calendar and choose the date to record your progress.

You can pick a date on the calendar and add a picture to that date along with your weight details on that day. So you can add a new photo for each day on the calendar or you can even skip a few days and then add a photo. Either way you will be able to track your progress through photos you take. At the top of the page you can see a video of the photos you have uploaded and see your transformation through it.

BodyTracker 360

BodyTracker 360 is a photo weight loss tracker Android app. In this app you will be asked to go through a 360 degree photoshoot. So click the track progress button and you will be given some instructions on how to take photos. Click on the start button at the bottom and the camera will open up. Now take a photo of you from every angle as you were instructed. Once the photo shoot is done you will be asked to enter your current weight. Then the app will take a few seconds to save all this information.

Now to see your 360 degree photo shoot press your finger on screen and start moving it towards right or left direction. The photo will start rotating and you will be able to see a 360 degree photo. You can add photos to the app everyday or every few days to see the progress you have made.


These are some photo weight loss tracker Android apps which let you monitor your weight loss progress through photos. You can easily take photos everyday and see the progress you have made through them. You can even make before-after photos to show your weight loss journey to your friends. Try them out.

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