Android Flash Card App To Create, Edit Flash Cards, Learn More Easily

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Flash Cards (also known as Android Flash Cards) is a free flash card app for Android that allows to create, edit flash cards, and helps to learn in a easy manner. You will be able to create multiple card sets and for each card set, you can add your own questions to test how sharp your memory is. As adding cards manually is not a good idea every time, that’s why this flash card app lets you integrate your or any other users flashcardexchange ( account with this app so that you can import flash cards to this app. Do note that only public cards that are allowed to view can be imported using Flash Cards.

Flash Cards- android flash card app

Screenshot above shows all the created and imported flash cards set on Android Flash Cards. Any card can be customized according to user’s requirement.

Here are Some Key Features of This Free Flash Card App For Android:

  • It helps to learn in a play way method. Simply create cards and start learning while playing.
  • You can create multiple card sets. For each card set, you can add multiple flash cards.
  • Any card set can be renamed or deleted whenever needed. You can also edit or can insert a new flash card in any card set.
  • Flash Cards can be integrated with “cram website” which is also known as This is an online flashcards service that provides set of multiple flash cards subject wise. If you have an account with this service, you can import your public cards from this service to Android Flash Cards. If you don’t have any account with it, you can still import any other user’s public flash cards by providing the user name in set up mode.

Flash Cards- set up account with Flash Cards

Once you have entered the username, you can come to main interface of Flash Cards and can tap on option by accessing the settings (three dots icon) present in action bar. After this, with a very short delay, all the public cards of that username will be imported to Flash Cards interface.

Flash Cards- import flash cards from flashcardexchange

  • You can reverse a particular card (answer will become question) and can reshuffle cards to change their order. Use the same action bar for this.

Flash Cards- reshuffle, edit cards

How To Use Free Android Flash Cards App?

Install it on your android mobile and open its interface. Check out the homepage link of this app at the end or access Google play store to install it. It is only 621 KB in size. Its interface is so simple and it is developed to make it easy for everyone to play flash cards.

You won’t find anything on its main interface until you add flash cards manually or import flash cards from (as mentioned in key features). Click on settings icon available in action bar to add a card set, provide it any name, and it will be added to the interface of this flash card app. In the similar way, you can add more and more card sets.

Flash Cards- add a card set

Now to add a card inside a particular card set, press and hold that card set. Select Add Cards button and you will be able to add cards.

Flash Cards- add cards to a card set

One disappointing part about this flash card app is that only text-based question answers can be added. No option to insert image as a question, at present.


Flash cards makes learning more interesting than simple reading. And this flash card app allows to let you study or to learn in a fun way. Its integration with makes it more meaningful to users. It could be improved further by adding insert image option to flash cards.

Check out Android Flash Cards.

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