TCExam: Freeware to Author and Conduct Computer Based Tests

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TCExam is a free electronic exam software to conduct computer based assessment or computer based exams. TCExam lets you create all types of CBA exams, and then manage and conduct them. You can create database of exam questions and answers, and then administer them.

The electronic exams are nowadays so popular that, as much as 1 billion computer based tests are taken up every year around the world. The advantage with electronic exams is that it saves a lot of paperwork, apart from allowing the users to save a lot of time and effort involved in conducting the test and evaluating the test papers. The users can create, schedule and conduct the tests and quizzes effortlessly.

TCExam, being a Free Open source application (FLOSS),  allows the users to view, study, use and change the application and customize it with the help of the source code made available.

The user has to install the application on the server and TCExam acts just like any other website. The user can connect the system via the network and administer the tests and quizzes.

Here is a high level structure of TCExam:


Here are some of the features of TCExam:

Easy to use Interface:

The interface of this exam creation software is so intuitive and simple to use, even for the naive users. The fact that the test is computer based does not affect the candidate’s performance in any way, irrespective of the amount of familiarity of the user with computers and computer based tests. This is indeed a big factor in ensuring the fairness of the Computer Based Tests.  Support to Visually challenged people is also available.

Other similar software you can also try is iTest.

Question Type:

TC Exam supports 4 different types of Questions.

  • Multiple choice, Single Answer
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers
  • Ordering the choices.
  • Texts answers which are in the form of one word, sentences or paragraphs.

Results and Statistics:

The user is able to view that results almost immediately after the test completion and, the statistics indicating the performance levels of the user in various areas of the subject help in a better understanding of the level of expertise/Understanding gained. A number of selection features and filters are available for this purpose. The results are e-mailed to the candidates immediately. This makes TCExam an all-in-one solution for conducting CBE.

Security and Unique test:

The user is guaranteed unmatched security  during the process  of the test authoring and administration and unique tests can be created every time. The data transactions are SSL encrypted. A number of authentication systems to restrict access to unauthorized users is available, which is indeed necessary.  TC Exam uses open standard protocols for data filing and interchange. The kind of file formats used are XML, CSV and PDF. The structure of the database is completely documented for a clear understanding and a convenient usage.  The test can be organised into modules and it closes automatically once the stipulated time is over.


Computer based Testing, in general has to be modified for different testing scenarios. Usually this varies with the kind of test and the subject/Content of the test. TC exam has great flexibility to address such needs with ease. The numerous configuration parameters and the system design to include new functionalities give that extra liberty to the author to create tests in the way he wants.

Language and Platform independent:

TCExam, apart from being an open source application, is also Language and Platform independent. Adoption of UTF-8, Unicode and TMX standards enable language compatibility. A language selector is available at the bottom to select the language dynamically. Even Right-to-left languages such  as Arabic, and Hebrew are supported. Currently as many as 23 different languages are supported. The fact that the application is platform independent, makes it possible to run on almost any platform.

Graphical content:

TCExam provides support to include graphical content into the Questions ,which becomes very necessary for test involving certain subjects as statistics. Support to include mathematical formulas with the help of support from Latex is also available.

All these features and options make TCExam an efficient solution to conduct Computer Based Tests. Download TCExam free.

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