Free Security Software to Stay Anonymous Online: SecurityKISS Tunnel

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SecurityKISS Tunnel can divert all the online traffic with the help of an impenetrable tunnel towards your security gateway. Everything inside the Tunnel is encrypted and you don’t need to worry about protection from snoopers. This security software is not only made for security, there are many other functions which solve some of the common concerns like Filtering, Bypass Blocking, Full Anonymity, and Monitoring. This software is based on an OpenVPN and supports Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.


Installing this security software

The installation process is kept simple and you need to go here to Download the Software. The free security software is available for free and after you visit the site just click the download button and an .exe file gets downloaded. Click on the .exe file and the step by step process starts. The set up guides you through the installation process and it takes you around five minutes to finish. You can start using the software just after the installation is complete. If you are looking for simple web security software, you can try TrafficLight, Comodo Internet Security and Web Security Guard.


Interface of this security software

The interface is kept user friendly with the IP address and client ID present on the screen. All the options are there and you don’t need any technical expertise to use the software. At the bottom there is a button through which you can connect the software online and you can see your status whether you are online or offline. There is a tip present on the main screen below the name of the software which is named “Did You Know”. Below the tip you can see your plan that you are using and the amount of usage.


Using SecurityKiss Tunnel

Using the software is pretty easy and you need to connect it to start using. After you click on the connect button they will start connecting you to Manchester, UK. When you are finally connected then your software is sent in the encrypted mode. To see the exact location where your machine has been connected you can click on Geolocate option present in the Action menu, there is also an icon for Geolocation near the buy package option.


In the options menu you can click on the exclusive tunneling tab and you will be sent in exclusive tunneling mode. When you go in exclusive tunnelling mode then you are not allowed to send any traffic outside tunnel. In the left panel of the screen you can see Facebook and share options. Through this you can share this software with your friends online. You can also send feedback about the software by clicking on the feedback option present in the extreme right and in the footer of the software.


Now that you know all about SecurityKiss Tunnel, you can start using it to secure your online privacy.

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Works With: Windows XP, Vista and 7
Free/Paid: Free

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