Internet Censor Program for Parents: Care4Teen

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Care4Teen is a free internet censor program for parents to monitor and protect kids online. Teens and children can get in quite a bit of trouble on the Internet if they aren’t monitored carefully. This doesn’t mean watching over their shoulders every second that they’re on the computer, though. The best option is an Internet censoring program, such as Care4Teen.

Fast Download, Easy Installation of this internet censor program

The Care4Teen download is quite small because most of the program resides on the Care4Teen servers. Installation and setup is quick and easy. Prior to downloading the program, you’ll be required to create an account with a username and password. This process is easy and straightforward.

Once the installation completes, you’ll be requested to reboot your computer, since the executable acts as a firewall. This means that as your computer communicates with internet servers, the software reviews the data being sent and received and blocks inappropriate content, based upon a database residing on the Care4Teen servers.

Multiple Program Options available with this internet censor program

You have two main options for how the program runs. These are restricted and unrestricted modes. In restricted mode, the program is supposed to block content that you would find objectionable. The problem here is, when I was checking the program out, I made a point of searching for content of a pornographic nature and the program did nothing to stop my doing so. Even worse, when I went to some of the pages that came up in my search, the program did nothing. To me, this means the program doesn’t work as advertised. In unrestricted mode, the program is supposed to allow the user to view whatever content they request. However, the program will take screenshots every so often and every few minutes will record a short video showing what the user is seeing. This feature worked properly as I was putting the software through its paces.

Server-Side Database Incomplete

As I stated above, I made a point of visiting a number of sites that most parents of adolescents and teens wouldn’t want their children visiting. But the program failed completely in blocking these sites. Both the meta data and the site name included the words porn and pornography. This means that either the client installed on my computer wasn’t communicating properly with the database on Care4Teen servers, the database wasn’t communicating, or the internet censor software wasn’t written right.

All in all, this internet censor software was disappointing. It is free, but being free doesn’t make me forget that it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. If you want a monitoring software to control your child’s Internet access, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

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