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Stunwall is a free online image enhancer website. It lets you apply effects like, Warmday, Vermont, Winter, Strawberry, Jolly, Freezing and Grassy. It also lets you adjust the brightness and apply the “Vignette” effect. You can upload an image from your computer, from a URL or from your webcam. Then you can share the image on Facebook and Twitter or you can choose to publish it and get a direct link for the image. You can save the processed image to your computer and save on your hard disk.

This free online image enhancer tool lets you apply seven effects to your image. You can import the images from the computer or provide a URL to the image (providing a link to the image that’s somewhere on the internet). You can also use your webcam to import images into this website and apply effects to that.

Free online image enhancer - Stunwall - Interface

We have seen couple of online image enhancer and some that requires installation. They let you apply effects too, but the difference is, for a person who doesn’t know about the effects or someone who has little knowledge about photography would find himself/herself lost while using those software. Though you can see your image transforming into a “beautiful something” however it is useless for you most of the times, unless you’re a professional and know how to play with those tools.

So what are we talking about here? Stunwall doesn’t have a miscellany of effects you can choose from but the ones available are easy to assimilate by a normal being in human realm. Here is a preview of effects

Free online image enhancer - Stunwall - Effects

We will talk about some of the effects here and how they look like when you apply it on your image.

Warmday Effect: This effect actually gives a “warm day” feeling to your image. This looks like as if you’re looking at the image while wearing your sun glasses.

Winter Effect: As it says, it makes your image look as if it was clicked in the winters of December (no snow falls though) .

Strawberry Effect: This one gives you a nice sepia effect to your image. I would say that this one is very closely related to the “Sepia” Effect that we find on other software and online image enhancers.

Jolly Effect: I love this one. This enhances the image into something incredible and gives it a “Jolly” (happy) touch (Note: We will guarantee an instant mood change; depends solely on viewer’s discretion).

Freezing Effect: This effect does exactly what it says. It adds an icy touch to the images by enhancing the bright and white parts of the image and spraying a bit of blue color in there. The overall effect looks amazing.

Grassy Effect: Well if you were to mimic this effect, what would you do? You add more green. This is what this effect does. It adds more green to the image, while not overdoing it to make it “THE HULK GAMMA” affected green.

You might have noticed that the effects are named as if they were mnemonics and can be easily understood by a naïve user who is new to this free online image enhancer. These effects are inspired from real life ambience that surrounds us. Nothing complicated and comes handy when you quickly want to put a “Winter” effect to your image that was clicked in the midst of The Serengeti.

Upload from Webcam

You can capture an image directly from your webcam and apply effects on that. Once you apply the effects you want, you can save the image on to your computer. I took a picture of coffee mug on my desk and added a little “Warmday” effect on that.

Free online image enhancer - Stunwall - From the webcam

Brightness and Vignette

Stunwall also lets you increase the brightness of the image and add an effect called the “Vignette”. Now you might want to know what it does, don’t you? It’s simple, it adds shadows to the four corners of the image to give it an old and classic look (that’s what I percieved from it). While experimenting with this tool, I found out that the “Vermont” effect and “Vignette” goes well together. Well, I get a “lost in time” type of feeling while I look at that. Here is what I did.

Free online image enhancer - Stunwall - Vermont and Vignette effect

Sharing the images

You can share the images on Twitter or Facebook and even get a direct link so you can email it to someone. You can get a direct link by clicking on “Publish”, and once you get a direct link to the image, you can even comment on the images.


Stunwall is a simple image enhancing tool with limited effect but effective at what it does. The effects mimics the lighting conditions in a real life situation. This online image enhancer has nothing much to show off but can be handy when you quickly want to show yourself as if you’re in the Alps (not literally; close to that though).

Visit Stunwall and try it out yourself 

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