Free Triangulation Art Software to Generate Triangulated Art From Images

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Traingula is a free triangulation art software to generate triangulated art from images. Here it takes an image from you and uses some complex algorithm underneath to generate a triangulated image. It lets you save the generated triangulation art as PNG and SVG. Before starting the art generation, it lets you enter custom points, mutations, and variations.

You might have seen triangulated images with some popular apps and software out there. One popular example is Prisma but here you will only get the triangulated effect. It generates the art from the image in animated form but you can pause at any instant and save the current art formation that it produced. You can also customize the overall effect settings such as gradient and split for the triangles.

For image editing and advanced effects, you can use this software on any platform. It is open source as well and if you want to see the code behind the triangulation art generator then you can do that. It follows a very straightforward process to generate triangulated images and won’t take so much of your time in doing that.

Free Triangulation Art Software to Generate Triangulated Art From Images

How to Generate Triangulated Art From Images?

Triangula is a cross-platforms software and binaries are available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can download the latest release and then just launch the software. It has a very simple interface which initially looks like this.

Traingula UI

Now, next thing you have to do is just open an input image and then set the input parameters accordingly. If you are familiar with the triangulation algorithms then you will understand those parameters more clearly.

Traingula input parameters

Click on Start to initiate the triangulation art generation process. You can see it generate the triangulated image from the image you specified in the input. As the process progresses with the time, you will see more refined triangulated. If at any point, you want to stop then you only have to click on the pause button.

Traiangulation art generation

It will pause the generation process and you can export the current generated art. To do that, you only need to use the export option, specify the file format and then save it on your PC.

Traingula Export

From now whenever you want to generate triangulated images, you only need to use the software as I have mentioned above. Just import an image and start the process. This is as simple as that.

Final words:

If you are into image editing and effects then you will like the software. With this, you can generate unique triangulation art from any image or photo of yours. The best part is that you can run it on any platform. So, give it a try and let me know what you think.

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