5 Free Task Manager Programs for Windows

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Here, are 5 free task manager for Windows to control processes and tasks taking  place in your system. These task managers are a good replacement for Windows task manager, as these software are efficient and powerful enough to give you full control over the processes. If you are looking for alternative to Windows Task Manager, then these software present a good choice.

These task manager software shows your all system processes and let’s you stop or terminate processes at any point of time. These task managers are easy to use and come with a user-friendly interface. Try these task managers  for free.


WhatsRunning is a replacement for Windows task manager, as it’s an efficient task manager to view and control different processes in your computer. This task manager provides a full-fledged information on tasks running in background . This task manager shows you the list of all active IP connections, provides information about the processes, and amount of RAM being consumed. It even provides you with the ability to control or manage start-up programs. WhatsRunning is small in size, as it comes in a file size of 2MB, so it can be easily installed on to your machine. Try WhatsRunning for free.

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Security Process Explorer

 Security Process Explorer

Security Process Explorer is a free process explorer that helps you to manage or control the processes running on your Windows computer. This task manager displays detailed information about the processes, it displays the file name, detailed description, directory path, etc related to a process. Security process explorer helps you to monitor and stop unnecessary processes with an ease. It even shows you the memory usage and CPU usage individually for each process running on your Windows computer. You can even make this software appear on pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete or by right clicking on the taskbar, so in this way you can use it as a good alternative to Windows task manager.

Read more about Security Process Explorer or try it here.

Anvir Task Manager Free

Anvir task manager

Anvir Task Manager Free is another free task manager for your Windows computer. This task manager helps you to control startup items, applications, processes and services. It displays a list of startup items, applications, processes and services, so you can easily select an item from the list and do a right click for options. In this way you can disable/enable startup items, end tasks, block process and start/stop services. This task manager comes in a file size of 5.5 MB, the size is small as compared to it’s functionality. Try Anvir Task Manager for free.

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Process KO


Process KO is a free task manager which allows you to kill the running processes. This is a light-weight task manager basically used to terminate those processes which are difficult to terminate using Windows task manager. You can instantly kill any process by clicking on instant K.O option and choosing the process which you want to terminate. This task manager even allows you to terminate a process by assigning time to it using K.O timer option. Process KO is available in multiple languages like German, Swedish, Russian, French, Italian, English, etc.

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Process Director

 Process Director

Process Director, as the name itself suggests, that this free software helps you to control running processes. This process manager shows you the list of currently running processes, so you can easily get detailed information about a particular process and you may even terminate or kill a process. Process Director is a utility tool for network administrators and system administrators, the system administrators get a complete control on computer processes and activities. Try Process Director for free.

Read more about Process Director or try it here.

All these task managers for Windows provide you with advanced process information, and much more flexibility than the native Windows task manager does. So, if Windows task manager is not sufficient for you, then go for one of the task managers mentioned above as a replacement for Windows task manager.

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