Windows 10 Quiz App to Test your Knowledge of Universe, Astronomy

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Universe Quiz HD is a free Windows 10 quiz app where you would be able to test your knowledge of the universe. If you are one of those people who have immense interest in space and universe, then you will love this quiz. The app has lots of questions about the universe we live in and even if you don’t know the answer you will get to learn something new.

You can download this app from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start this app you will see a screen like the one shown in the below screenshot. At the beginning you will be asked to use the game in portrait mode for better gaming experience.

The start page will have a few buttons including start quiz option. Right now the gallery and encyclopedia button will show you a empty page. Once you clear a level you will have pictures added in the gallery and some information added to the encyclopedia buttons. Click on the start quiz option and you will get a screen like the one shown in the screenshot below.

You can choose the type of quiz you want to play. You will have the universe 1 and solar system 1 quiz unlocked rest all of them will be locked. You can unlock other quiz one by one by clearing the previous level successfully. When you click on a quiz the first question from the quiz will come in front of you, as shown in the screenshot below.

There is no timer or anything, so you can take your time, think and then answer the question. You have to choose your answer from the four given choices. Click on the one you are sure about. If you answered it right the background of the option will change to green color, but, if you answered incorrectly then the background of the option will change to red color.

As soon as you give a incorrect answer the game will be over for you and you will have to start over again. You can only clear a level when you answer all the questions correctly. You are also shown the correct answer when you have answered a question wrong.

When you clear a level you are shown a level clear screen and the info that another level of the quiz has been unlocked. Also there are entries added to your gallery and encyclopedia sections.

You can see in the screenshot above that two images have been added to the gallery tab after completing two levels.

Features of this Windows 10 universe quiz game app:

  • Quiz based on universe, stars, planets, etc.
  • Lots of questions to be answered.
  • Start with one level and unlock others on completion of previous one.
  • Get beautiful images in gallery upon clearing a level.
  • Right answers are shown in green color.
  • Wrong answers are shown in red color.
  • A wrong answer will end your current level and you have to start it again.


Universe Quiz HD is a great app for enthusiasts who are always looking to get more knowledge about the universe. You can also test out your knowledge by taking this quiz. You can play this game on your touch or non-touch devices. Every level you complete successfully will unlock another level for you. Along with this a image is added to your gallery every time you cross a level.

Check out Universe Quiz HD for Windows 10 here.

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