Windows 10 Nature Sounds App with Relaxing Sounds

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Sleep Waves is a free Windows 10 nature sounds app which offers lots of different relaxing sound along with a timer. You can use these nature sounds to relax and even to fall asleep. These nature sounds come with a timer to control the duration of the sounds being played. You can turn on the sounds and set a timer so the sound can turn off if you fall asleep. The app also lets you play a single sound or multiple sounds together.

The Windows 10 nature sounds app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start this app, you will see a interface as shown in the screenshot below.

sleep waves home

As you can see from the screenshot above all the nature sounds are listed as tiles on the home screen of the app. The various sounds also have a picture representing the sound on them.

You can either browse the sound category wise given on the left side of the app window or you can browse them together under the home tab. From the top of the screen you can also see that you can select to play single sound or multiple sounds.

sleep waves save

On the left side menu, you have a option called all stop. This option when selected will stop all the sounds that were playing in the app. The save option lets you save any 3 compilations of yours in the app. So next time you don’t have to browse through the app to find those sound again. Just go to the save option and choose the load link to start playing your saved compilation. The above screenshot shows the saving option.

Some of the sounds that you will find on this app are Rain, Waterfall, Sleet, Piano, cabin storm, thunder, Lullaby, Sea Shore, City, Train, airplane, camping, fire, fan, etc.

sleep waves timer

The timer option which can be seen in the screenshot above can be used when you are trying to sleep. Just turn on the timer and choose the number of minutes you want it to turn off after. The sound will keep playing and you can sleep listening to them. When the timer runs out, the sound will automatically stop. So your sleep is not disturbed and you don’t have to get up to turn the sounds off.

sleep waves settings

The settings option lets you set a default time when the app starts so that you don’t have to put on the timer every time you start the app. The settings window can be seen in the above screenshot. For example, you set the timer to 45 minutes everyday, then you can go into settings and set the default time on startup as 45 minutes. This way when you start the app and play your saved compilation, then you don’t have to turn the timer on, it will automatically be turned on when you start the app.

Features of this Windows 10 nature sounds app:

  • Lots of nature sound to listen and relax.
  • Play a single sound or multiple sounds together.
  • Timer to turn the sound off after a certain time.
  • Stop playing all the sounds at once.
  • Save up to 3 compilations of yours.
  • Sound keeps on playing in the background and you can continue with your work.


Sleep Waves is great Windows 10 nature sounds app that provides you relaxation after a long day of work. The timer function in it allows you to sleep to these relaxing sounds and not worry about closing the app. So try this app out to have some relaxing time after a hectic day.

Check out Sleep Waves for Windows 10 here.

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