Windows 10 Multiplayer Ludo Game App: Ludo Blitz

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Ludo is one game which everyone has played as a child. It used to be a fun board game and now you can play this game online as well. You can now play Ludo on your computer, laptop, tablets, and mobile phones. Ludo being online helps one play their favorite childhood game once again without the need of the board game or your friends presence. Everything can be done online now. This is where Ludo Blitz comes in, this Windows 10 multiplayer ludo game app brings your favorite Ludo game online and allows you to play with other real users of the game.

The multiplayer ludo game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. The online game board when you start playing Ludo using this app looks like the screenshot below.

windows 10 ludo games ludo blitz

By far it is the best Ludo game available for Windows 10. This is the only game app which allows to play with other actual players. Other games I found let you play against the computer and not real people. The app interface is quite colorful and lively to look at.

Let’s see how to play this multiplayer Ludo game:

When you start the app you will be given a choice to continue as a guest or sign in using your Facebook account. You will be given 1000 coins when you start the game for the first time. Each game that you play bets 100 coins in it. If you win the game you get 200 coins back and if you loose then you loose the 100 coins. Below screenshot shows the interface of the home screen of this game.

ludo blitz home

Just click the play button to start. Now you would be asked to choose which colored pawns you want and choose your boosters as well. The other three colors will be assigned to other online players.

ludo blitz choose color

The game offers you 6 boosters which you will find to be fun as they are a new introduction to this old game.Some of the boosters that I was able to use and understand so far are: the shield icon which shields your pawn from players coming from behind you. The bullseye can be used to shoot down a pawn which is close to reaching home or anyone for that matter. The dice icon gives you a sure pawn opener and you do not have to wait to roll a six on the dice. Other icons I’m still working to discover.

You just have to roll your dice when your turn comes and see the pawns move on their own in a 3D game board. you earn points for opening a pawn, killing someone’s pawn, etc. While points are deducted from your score if your pawn gets killed.

ludo blitz winner

The game can easily be played with other players from around the world. There is a time limit on every game and after the time is over the player with the highest points wins. The scoreboard for a game can be seen in the screenshot above.


I found this game extremely fun and it can be played anywhere, even if you have few minutes free. Ludo Blitz is one of a kind Ludo game in the Windows 10 store. I had a lot of fun playing it, so go ahead and give it a try.

Check out Ludo Blitz for Windows 10 here.

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