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MapCute is an unique and interesting web app wherein you can socialize with other people geographically, chat with them and also search for places nearby you. using this web app you can search for people around you or in the globe with a help of a map. You can also chat with them. Other than that you have the option of searching places around you according to categories such as fast Food, restaurant, nightclub, cinemas etc. It will show icons in the nearby places. You can see the distance and navigate too. Here you can also create your profile if you want. It is like a social networking site. The interface is more or less like Facebook. You can add pictures, write post, add friends etc. These are the functions which this web app provides.

Look at the screenshot below to see the interface:

MapCute Interface

Create A Cutie, Search Places And Chat:

Once you open the app you will be asked to create an avatar for yourself. Choose gender, choose clothes and give a name to your character. Also you can choose from pre given interests so that you can match it with other cuties. Once you do this there will a message asking access of your location. Then your character would be placed at the place you are situated like you see in the screenshot above. You have the option to zoom in or zoom out.

Have a look at the screenshot below to see how to create a cutie:

create avatar

Now you can find other cuties by having a look at the map. Once you find an avatar, just click on that. On clicking on the avatar, you will be able to see the location. Clicking on the icon you can chat with that person.

The screenshot below shows another cutie and the option to chat:

find cuties on map

The useful feature of this web app is that you can search for places. You can chat from categories like pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, fast food etc. At the bottom of the interface there is a Place bar. Clicking on that you can check on the category boxes. Then you will be able to see an icon on the map with your search result.

Look at the screenshot below to get an idea:

search places

Other Functions Of MapCute:

Other than these you can create a profile here. Go to Share Bar at the bottom of the interface and click on my profile. Signing up is easy. Just give a mail id and password and your account would be created. Here you can socialize with other people, share pictures, update status. They seemed to have develop something like Facebook. You can send requests to other cuties and make new friends from people around the globe.

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Key Features Of MapCute:

  • Innovative concept of geographical socialization.
  • Find and chat with other cuties.
  • Shout to other neighbours for queries, news, broadcasts etc.
  • You can search for your favourite places around you.
  • You can navigate to reach location with different vehicles and get directions.
  • See and organize other events, invite other cuties to join.
  • Create your own market deals.
  • You can also choose to be invisible on the map so that nobody can see you.

My Take On This Web App:

I really enjoyed using MapCute. I found this app quite unique and innovative. I am sure you will have fun using this app, as you can create an avatar and find other people. It takes socializing to a new height. Other than that it has also integrated features like searching places, locate it on the map and get directions for the same. If you are a person who likes socializing on the go, you should definitely use this app. Explore it more today!

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