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Timedrip (beta) is a free website to post timed messages (text or image message), known as ‘drops’, to your Timedrip account. You will be able to create public and private drops and set a particular date and time for displaying the content of your drop. This idea is quite interesting when you want to reveal a particular information at right time. For example, if you want to predict score of your favorite team, closing value of share market, or some other data at needed time, Timedrip is useful. People can also follow your post and give comments to your post.

Before displaying the actual content, your drop’s title (or heading) will be visible to people and a countdown will also run. This could increase curiosity of users about what content is hidden behind the drop. Each drop can be password protected so that only those with the password can access your drop.

Timedrip- post timed messages

Note: Creating private drops is completely free. However, sending public drops with permanent link and updating your drops requires credits. Each task costs 50 credits. With your account creation, 300 credits are added to your account. If your credits expired, you won’t be able to edit the content of your drops, neither you can create public and permanent drops. In that case, you need to wait until you get sufficient amount of credits again. Each private and public drop creation lets you earn 1 credit. So you should not misuse your credits if posting permanent and public drops.

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How To Post Timed Messages With Timedrip?

Timedrip is currently in beta phase and only people with invitation link can join this website.

Access its invitation link using the link placed at the end of this review and register yourself with your required email address. You will receive an email with your Timedrip username and password.

Timedrip beta account

Use that username and password to login to Timedrip. After this, you are ready to post timed messages.

Schedule Your Text or Image Message:

To post your timed message, you need to follow three simple steps. These are:

Step 1: In this step, you have to setup multiple things, such as: create public or private drop, make drop link permanent or temporary, and set passcode for your drop (mandatory for creating private drop). Non-permanent drops will be deleted automatically 3 days after displaying the content.

You can also add follower’s email addresses with whom you want to share your drop. But they first need to join Timedrip to access your drop.

Just to summarize:

  • You can create both public and private drops. In both the cases, they can be accessed by only those who have an account on TimeDrip.
  • In case of Private drop, it is mandatory to add a password. In case of public drop, the password is optional.
  • For private drop, you need to specify the email addresses of those who can access the drop.

Timedrip- add followers for your drop

Step 2: This step lets you setup your drop showtime ‘date and time’ and countdown style (flip or circle). You can also enable/disable comment feature. Keep it on if you want to let users talk about your drop.

set date and time for drop

Step 3: This is the final step that helps to set whether you want to create a text drop or image drop. For text drop, it lets you insert image, set font style, size, add links, etc. For image drop, many popular image formats are supported. Once you have done all the setup, click on Send button.

drop your message

In the similar way, you can post multiple drops. All your sent and received drops are stored in My drops section. When it will be the showtime of your message, content of your drop will be visible to people.


Timedrip has a good idea and is interesting to use. Even though the concept is good, but I think the requirement to have an account with TimeDrip and the concept of credits makes it less user friendly. I would have really liked if Public drop didn’t require others to create an account. And I am not sold on the concept of credits. I personally believe I can achieve similar features by combining services like JotOnce (to create online notes with password and expiration) and Time Safe (to set start time, end time, password protection for a URL). Both are free and unlimited.

I hope TimeDrip revisits these limitations, as I really like the overall concept of this service.

Try Timedrip free.

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