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Linguician is a free website to learn language by listening to music online. It can help you easily learn languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, and even English, if you’re not an English speaker. You can simply choose any of these languages and then it will suggest a playlist of popular music videos of that particular language. After that, you can select any music video and then it will divide the song lyrics into different lessons. You can select the lessons one after another and practice vocabulary of the language with specific words from the lyrics.

For each lesson, you can first discover and learn the meaning of some predefined words from the lyrics while watching the music video. Then you can take a quiz for that lesson and try to answer the vocabulary based questions which you have learned previously for that lesson. You will be awarded LangoCoins for each correct answer which you can use to unlock new songs.

Unlike some of the core language learning software which also let you learn new languages, this website makes learning language more fun and interesting as you can listen and watch your favorite music videos while learning a language.

How to Learn Language by Listening to Music Online:

To get started, simply go to the homepage of “Linguician” and then click on the signup option. When you do that, it will ask you to choose a language which you want to learn. You can choose from Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, or English. After that, you can enter your name and email id to complete sign up.

Once you’re in, you will see a playlist of music videos for that particular language which you have selected. Initially, it will show around 15 music videos but you can unlock more by earning LangoCoins while playing the quiz.

Now you can select any music video you want and then it will divide the lyrics of the song into multiple lessons. For each lesson, it will automatically choose specific phrases for which you can practice your vocabulary of the language.

You will also see two different buttons associated with each lesson named “Discover” and “Play”. Clicking on the “Discover” button will allow you to practice and learn the phrases while watching the music video. Actually, what happens is when you click on this button, the music video will start playing and you will see the lyric of the song at the bottom of the video. In the lyrics, all the phrases of that particular lesson will be highlighted. You will also see the meaning of the phrases in English if you have selected any language other than English, or vice versa. The main purpose of showing you the meaning of the phrases is to help you remember the words such that you can score more while playing the quiz.

At the bottom of the lyrics, you will also see two different options named, “Want to learn this” and “I already know this”. Selecting the first option will keep the phrase included when you play the music video again, whereas, selecting the next option will ignore the phrase when you repeat the music video.

When you’re done practicing and learning the phrases, you can go back to the lesson and hit the “Play” button to start the quiz. Clicking the button will play the video and you will be asked to answer the highlighted phrases on the lyrics. For each phrase, it will show 4 different answers from which you would need to select the correct one. If you answer correctly, then it will light up the phrase and the answer with green color. And if the answer is wrong, then it will light up all the phrases with red color and show you the correct answer in green.

This way it will ask you to answer all the phrases throughout the music video. Once the playback is complete, you will be rewarded with 10 LangoCoins for each correct answer. You can use these LangoCoins to unlock more songs of the selected language.

Closing Words:

Linguician is a pretty amazing website which allows you to easily learn language while listening and watching your favorite songs of that language. Personally, I like this website as apart from letting you practice vocabulary of the selected language, it also lets you play the vocabulary based quiz. These features make Linguician a unique platform for learning new languages while having fun.

Try “Linguician” from here.

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