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Kidblog is a blogging app for kids. Pretty self explanatory right? Well that is the gist of it, but at the same time it is much more. Kidblog is set up and administrated by teachers. The teacher of a class sets up the class on the site, makes profiles for all the children, and checks over the blog posts and comments that the children write before they are approved to be posted online. It is completely focused on being an easy and (most importantly) safe blogging application for children who are starting out in the growing global community of internet blogging. Not to mention that they can reach out to other classrooms from around the world and learn about their cultures, customs and day to day life abroad, while at the same time learning how to write properly and avoid growing up to be a part of the stereotypical grammatically challenged teen population of today.

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With the access that so many kids today have to the internet and the growing interest the world has in blogging, Kidblog is a great way to introduce kids to both in a manner that is easy for them to understand and navigate without the distraction of adverts, widgets and other flashy buttons to pull at their wandering, curious minds. With the admin being fully controlled by the teachers, parents can rest assured that their children are being brought into the online world in a safe environment away from the the threat of psychos and cyber bullies. The benefit for teachers is that blogging is popular amongst today’s youth and Kidblog is a great way to get kids involved and excited about writing; while at the same time, being able to guide and hone their writing skills. It’s an easy and convenient way to take the tedious aspect out of writing, and teachers can manage it from their computers at home, at school, or even from their iPad with the Kidblog app.

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Free account of Kidblog lets you setup a class with up to 2 teachers and 50 students. You get 100 MB free storage space, and can upload file up to 10 MB in size.

As I already mentioned, Kidblog is advert free and thus needs to get its funding elsewhere. So although you can sign up for a free account, you will have to pay a bit to get the most out of the app. If you go for the paid accounts, you can get more students and teachers per class, more storage space, ability to upload larger files and much better support from the Kidblog team if you have any problems or queries. Teachers and students also get more freedom with the customization and themes of their blogs.

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Should I Go For It?

To teachers I say, this is definitely worth a shot. Get your students online, get them writing and get them communicating. It’s your job to broaden their horizons and what horizon is broader than that of the internet? And to parents I say, if your childs teacher has taken the initiative to introduce your child to Kidblog then you should give them your support and feel confident that they are safe. In todays day and age it is almost inevitable that your child will become a citizen of the internet, this is a way to let them arrive and adjust in a secure environment while at the same time having the benefit of helping their teachers to help them learn and actually be excited about it. Why would you say no to that?  Once Mom, Dad and teacher are on board i say lastly to the kids, buckle up. this is going to be a good ride.

Go ahead, have a look at and sign up for sign up for Kidblog here.

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