Hipchat: Free Private Chat Messenger for Teams with File Transfer, Group Chat

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Hipchat is a free private chat messenger for teams.  It is an instant messaging, file sharing and basic communication app targeted at small businesses. Hipchat is free for unlimited users (with paid upgrade for additional features). You just need to setup your organization in Hipchat website, add your team members, download Hipchat client to computers of all of them, and you can start doing intra-company chat.

Hipchat is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as having apps available for Android devices and iPad/iPhone. What this private chat messenger basically does is allow you to chat with your work team, either messaging the whole team at once or allowing you to set up a chat with select members of the team. File sharing is also made easy with simple drag and drop file transferring and the app notifies you when you receive messages and has a searchable web archive for tracking down past messages. The most convenient thing however is that unlike many inter-company chat programs, Hipchat is easy to set up. The entire setup can be completed in a matter of minutes and have your company on the path to better communication.

Hipchat Interface

With all the other chat and IM services available today why would you turn to Hipchat? Well its simple, Hipchat is designed specifically as a private chat messenger for teams, to work in businesses for internal communications. There are no worries with complicated user names or irritating adverts, you just quickly and easily set up your account, add your team, install the software and get on your way. This private instant messaging client also has SSL encryption which is necessary in a professional environment and keeps an archive of all the messages sent which, if needed, can be referred back to at a later date. The paid version also offers video chat and screen sharing.

Hipchat chat

Using Hipchat Private Chat Messenger for Teams:

Using Hipchat is incredibly easy. First you go online to the Hipchat site (a link can be found at the end of this article) and set up your account, you can opt for a free or a paid account. The person who sets up the account becomes the admin and once the account is set up they can then add the rest of the team members. Each member will be sent an activation email to get their personal accounts going. Once this is done you can download this private chat messenger to your computer and sign in. From there you can access your lobby and create chat rooms for whatever topic you wish to discuss. For the rooms you can add either the whole team, specific members (ideal for planning surprise birthday parties or gossiping about the shenanigans of certain staff members at the last company function) or you can set up one on one chats. As messages come through, you will get pop up notification on the bottom left of your screen or on your device if you are using a tablet or phone. Sharing files could also not be easier; you simply drag the desired file into the chat area, add in a description if need be and hit send and the file is transferred to all chat participants.

Hipchat create room

Here is a quick introduction YouTube video about Hipchat:

My Opinion about Hipcat Instant messenger for Teams:

I think Hipchat has successfully achieved what they set out to achieve. Thy have made a simple private chat messenger designed for small businesses. What is great about it is that someone who is able to think a bit more out the box can find many other uses for this software. It can be used between college fraternities, highschool sports teams or even the folks organizing some lucky ladies baby shower. If you have a small business or any other type of team or committee that needs the members to be in constant contact then give this private chat messenger for teams a try.

Get Hipchat here.

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