How To Embed a Poll On Reddit

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This tutorial covers how to embed a poll on Reddit.

Here are two ways to embed a poll on a Reddit post. Both of these methods are based on using free Reddit integrated poll services, namely Redditpoll and Reddpoll. Using these won’t redirect you to an external polling sites, but will let you conveniently vote within Reddit’s domain.

Polls on these services are very easy to create. Just enter the question and poll options in the space provided.
They also come with options to:

  • verify the votes using captcha
  • use multiple options
  • keep the vote count hidden, etc

main reddit poll

If you want a free external polling service that has more options in your polls then you can check out a free polling website here.

Both of the services will require you to authorize these services from your logged in Reddit account.

So let’s start!

Method 1: Embed a Poll on Reddit Using Redditpoll
embed a poll on Reddit

Redditpoll is a free polling site that lets you embed a poll on Reddit post as well as comments on Reddit. To make a poll on Reddit using Redditpoll, log onto Redditpoll and fill in the poll details. You will be required to enter the poll question, poll options, poll description and the subreddit to which you are going to enter the poll as a post. You can also enter multiple choices for the poll.
embed a poll on Reddit

You can even enter a poll as a comment on a post’s reply. The process is the same as entering a Redditpoll post on Reddit. The only difference is that instead of the subreddit’s name, you have to enter the permalink of the comment.
embed a poll on Reddit

Customize the Poll With More Options:

Redditpoll comes with perks. You are given additional options to configure the poll’s privacy, vote verification, vote count visibility and the poll’s time period. You can keep the poll private so they’re not visible on public pages. The vote verification can be toggled:

  • Authorization by entering a captcha
  • Authorization through the voter’s Reddit handle
  • No Verification (will produce doubtful results)

You can also hide the votes count and set an end-time for the poll.

Checking Redditpoll Results:

After you have completed entering the poll, you will be redirected to the subreddit where you can see your poll as a post. The question and options will be divided into sections and each option will have a link. Clicking the link will cast your vote. The link to check the poll result will be provided on the bottom, clicking it will take you to the result page on Redditpoll.


Method 2: Embed poll on Reddit Using Reddpoll
embed a poll on Reddit

Reddpoll is another Reddit poll site that lets you embed a poll on Reddit. To create a poll on Redpoll, go to its site and  click ‘Create a new poll‘. The interface is really simple. You will only be required to enter a poll question and its options. You can enter multiple choices if you like.

After you are done with entering the poll details, click ‘Generate poll code‘. You will be provided with a Reddpoll generated code which you can paste on a Reddit post. The only thing you have to do is copy-paste the URL of the Reddit post where you have pasted the code in the space given on the Reddpoll page, which will link the Reddpoll service with that created poll.

embed a poll on Reddit

Following that, you will be provided with a link to the poll result where the result will be in a bar chart.
embed a poll on Reddit

How it Works

The way Reddpoll works is different than how Redditpoll works. The voters will be required to post the short codes for the options that the poll maker has set. It basically counts the comments as votes that mention the option’s short code and updates it on the Reddpoll website. The poll is only available for 24 hours and is updated every two minutes.

My Analysis:

I found the Redditpoll method to be better than Reddpoll as Redditpoll provides more options that you can configure mainly for privacy purposes. Reddpoll also requires you to link the poll on Reddit to itself while Redditpoll does not. Redpoll’s poll only exists for 24 hours and is updated every 2 minutes for results, which makes it slow.

Do tell me which method you prefer  in the comments!

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