Free Private Group Video Calling by Brave Browser with Screen Sharing

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This article talks about the free private video calling by Brave browser with screen sharing. The current global COVID-19 pandemic has moved most of the communication through the video calling. As a result, the market is overwhelmed by free video calling apps and services. Recently, Brave Browser also joined the race with its own private group video calling.

Brave Together is the name of this new service that allows you to host video calls with up to 100 participants. The video calling service is exclusive to the Brave browser only; all the participants must need the Brave browser to access the service and join/host a video call. There is no time restrictions for video calling and you also get useful features such as screen sharing with or without audio, raise a hand, share a YouTube video, grid view, speaker stats, and more.

Free Private Group Video Calling by Brave Browser with Screen Sharing

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Free Private Group Video Calling by Brave Browser

To use the Brave Together, you have to use the Brave Browser only. So before starting a call, make sure all the people that you are planning to invite have the Brave browser installed on their PC or mobile devices. After confirming that, you can go ahead and access the service here in the Brave Browser. Do note that, if you access the link in any browser except Brave, it won’t work, the service is locked to the Brave browser.

Free Private Group Video Calling by Brave Browser with Screen Sharing

On the landing page, you get a quick introduction of the service along with settings and button to start the video call. From the settings, you can choose your input and output devices prior to the meeting although you can still change all this during the call as well. After that, you can start the video call.

Brave Together video calling

If you have to use Jitsi Meet, you find the video calling interface familiar that because this service is built upon that. When you start a video call, it automatically generates a random link to the video and shows that on the screen. You can access the link anytime during the call by clicking the info-icon on the screen. You can also add a password to the link to host a private video call.

Together Brave video calling

Brave Togehter Features:

  • Screen sharing with or without audio
  • Raise a hand during the meeting
  • Text chat
  • A grid layout of participants video feed
  • Share YouTube video in the call
  • Speaker stats to check who speak for how much time
  • Change video quality

Wrap Up

Having multiple video calling services is nice as it gives freedom to the users to pick the one he/she find easy and comfortable. Zoom was the go-to video calling service till now during this pandemic but the rising security concerns have made people consider other alternatives. Now, Brave Together is a decent video calling service but it locks you to the Brave browser that can be a deal-breaker for many people who don’t use Brave Browser. Also, the whole video calling service is a strap down version of Jisti Meet which can be accessed on any device and brings more features to the tables including end-to-end encryption, call recording, blur the background, calendar integration, join by phone, and more.

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