Free Online Logo Analyzer to Test Logo for Scalability, Visibility, Pixelation

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Logo Lab is a free online logo analyzer to test logo for scalability, visibility, pixelation, and more. You can simply upload your logo to this website and then it will automatically test your logo. It will show you many aspects for the logo like the visual balance, black & white visibility, appearance to people with color blindness, pixelated form, cut-out parts, scalability in different sizes, and much more. By checking these things for your logo, you can make sure that it looks visually appealing to the viewers and does not lose its form or quality when stretched to the limits.

Many people create their logo with some free logo maker software or websites, and don’t think much about the scalability, visibility, balancing, pixelation, etc. But, these aspects of a logo are very important as they can determine how stunning and appealing your logo would appear to the viewers. So, this logo analyzer can help you exactly do that with ease.

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How to Use this Free Online Logo Analyzer to Test Logo for Scalability, Visibility, Pixelation, etc.:

To get started, the first thing you need to do is open this website and upload the logo that you want to analyze. For that, click on the “Upload a Logo” button and select any logo from your PC to put it to the test.

As soon as you do that, it will automatically process the logo and generate the result instantly. You can simply scroll through the result page and see the status of your logo’s scalability, visibility, pixelation, etc. It lets you see these aspects in different sections as follows:


In this section, it will test and show you the visual balance in your logo. Doing so, it can help you make sure that the attention is not drawn to any specific side of the logo.


A logo is indicated as great if it also works in black and white instead of working only in colors. So, in this section, it will show you how your logo looks in Grayscale, Black, and White.

Color Blind:

One of the best features of this logo analyzer is that it can also test your logo for visibility by people with color blindness. So, here it will show you how your logo looks like to those with Deuteranomaly, Protanopia, and Tritanopia.


One of the most important aspects of any logo is its scalability. A logo must work at different sizes from very big to really small. So, in this section, it will show you how the logo will look in Medium, Small, and Tiny.


Another interesting feature of this logo analyzer is that it can show you how your logo will look when placed inside areas with different proportions. You can see how the logo fits in some of the common shapes including Square, Wide, and Narrow.


Another important aspect of a logo is its pixelation, as many logos start to lose details at low resolutions and some can retain the form. So, this logo analyzer can automatically test the logo and show you the pixelated form in 96px X 86px, 48px X 43px, and 32px X 29px.


Blur is also one of the most important aspects of a logo, as it can help you view the main forms in a logo. It can help you know how the logo appears to someone when passing by or at the first glance. This logo analyzer will show you the logo in 3 different levels of blur.


It is always an additional advantage if your logo is recognizable even when only a small part of it is visible. So, in this section, you will see 4 different slices or parts of the logo and determine whether it is still recognizable.

App Icon:

If you use the logo on your mobile apps, then this logo analyzer can help you see how it will look like on mobile phones. It will show you the logo icon on an Android and iPhone device, as shown below.


The last aspect which it shows is how competing your logo looks in a crowd of some other popular logos. This is because, if your logo stands out among other logos then it can grab more attention of the viewer.

Closing Words:

Logo Lab is a very useful online logo analyzer which can help you understand how your logo looks in different situations and what you need to do to make it look great. It can tell you some amazing information about your logo like how would it appear to an individual with color blindness or how it will look when in black and white mode, and so on. It is a completely free logo analyzer and you can test as many logos as you want.

Try “Logo Lab” from here.

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