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In this article we are talking about Morse Code to Binary converter online. Both Morse code and Binary are forms of representing numbers and alphabets in encoded format.

What is the difference between Morse Code and Binary?

Morse code is a encoding scheme used for communication. In Morse code alphabets and numbers are represented using dots and dashes. Dots have a short sound and dashes have a long sound. Messages in Morse code can be sent using light or sound or any other means where you can produce short pulse or long pulse. For example, ILOVEFREESOFTWARE in Morse code would look like this .. .-.. — …- . ..-. .-. . . … — ..-. – .– .- .-. .

Binary is a way of writing numbers in base 2 which only uses two symbols 0 and 1. Each digit represents a different power of 2. In Binary system each digit is referred to as a bit. For example, 0=0 in Binary, 1=1 in binary, 2=10 in Binary, 3=11 in Binary, 4=100 in Binary, etc.

You can also send messages in Binary using ASCII (for American Standard Code for Information Interchange). In this system letters are represented by Binary numbers. For example, A=1000001 in Binary, B=1000010 in Binary, etc.

Now that we know the difference between Morse code and Binary, let’s see how we can convert Morse code to Binary numbers.

Cryptii is a open source web app to encode and decode between different format systems. Included in this website is the Morse code to Binary converter. It lets you do many other conversions as well, but we are focusing on Morse code to Binary in this article. When you open this website you will see a home page like the one shown in the screenshot above. The website is pretty basic and easy to navigate.

In the first column under interpret as select Morse code from the drop down menu. In the box at the bottom paste your Morse code, or enter your Morse code. In the other column with convert to label, choose Binary from the drop down menu.

The converted Binary will appear at the bottom of the second column represented by 0’s and 1’s. At the bottom of the box you will get an option to share this code conversion, you can see source code, or read more about Binary system.


Cryptii is a nice website to convert Morse code to Binary. The website is pretty easy to navigate and you can convert any Morse code that you have to binary. Go ahead and try this website.

Check out Cryptii to convert Morse code to Binary here.

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