Find Out How Big Is Solar System In An Interactive Solar System Map

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Ever wondered how big is Solar System? Of course, we all are familiar with our solar system and all the planets. But, the vast expanse of our solar system cannot be perceived just by looking at a simple solar system map. This awesome online application by BBC is an interactive solar system map. It will help you know how big is solar system, including many other interesting facts you never knew about. The tool is aptly named How Big Is Space, and will clear your perspective about solar system, and space not so distant from Earth. You will be beginning your voyage from Earth in a rocket ship, which will take you to the edge of solar system. Let’s get started and get to know about the tool real quick, before you begin your actual voyage.

I will not be discussing the interesting facts that I came across in my voyage, except a couple. So no, this article will not be a spoiler for you at all.

Meanwhile, you can track solar flare activity here, or track Halley’s Comet in real time here.

How To Begin The Journey To Find How Big Is Solar System

As I said earlier, you will be on a voyage on a space ship. Below is how the home screen of this interactive solar system map will look like.

You might be surprised to find out that there are no option, maps, or buttons to click. Then how to begin with the journey to fathom the solar system? That’s right, you jut scroll down to begin your voyage in the space ship.

To give you an idea about distance and perspective, the voyage starts off by showing you what happens at what height. On the screen, apart from these info, there are other information as well, such as current height, scale of journey, and time.

As you move further, you will notice that the distance scale increases. This is to make your voyage shorter. In the first quarter of the voyage, you will just be traveling through the Earth’s atmosphere. This is the most interesting zone, as the journey gets pretty long and empty while traveling through space and reaching other planets and points of interests.

Keep exploring the solar system and other interesting things about it in this interactive solar system map. While on your journey, you can always keep an eye on the distance you are from the Earth. If you want, you can also head back home or to any other point by scrolling up through the map.

Closing Words

This interactive solar system map is really an eye opener for the people interested in space. You will not only get to know how big is solar system, but will also get to know about various interesting facts All these facts are related to space, space travel, satellites, asteroids, meteorites, and much more. You can also enjoy it by sharing it with others who have similar interest. It may not tell you all about the solar system, but the information provided is pretty satisfying.

Give How Big Is Space a try here.

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