Curated Library of YouTube Educational Channels for Self-Learning

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This article talks about a free website with a curated library of YouTube educational channels for self-learning. YouTube is home to lots of educational content without a doubt and thus it is used as a free educational platform by lots of people to something new. But since YouTube’s search algorithm focuses on single videos more instead of playlists or channels, when you search a topic, you end up with multiple results and things get complicated.

Channels Stack is a free website that offers a curated collection of YouTube educational channels. This website helps you find one of the best educational and tutorial content on a vast variety of topics. You can pick a topic you are interested in and browse the educational YouTube channels for that. The selection of the YouTube channels is based on the content quality instead of popularity or views. Currently, it only lists channels with the English language with a plan to add channels in other languages as well.

Curated Library of YouTube Educational Channels for Self Learning

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Curated Library of YouTube Educational Channels for Self Learning

Channels Stack offers a hand-picked collection of best educational channels across YouTube. YouTube only focuses on entertainment content despite being home to millions of educational videos. A similar thought led to the creation of this website with an idea to list the best educational channels with quality content.

curated list of educational youtube channels

On the website, all the listed channels are sorted by respective categories. Since this website is pretty new so there are 4 main categories at the moment:

  • Creative
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

best educational channels on youtube

All these categories then have sub-categories to help you find exactly what you are looking for. When you pick a sub-category, it gives you a list of respective channels. Each channel has a brief description that tells you what a channel is about. The descriptions are right on point and really help you get an idea about the channels.

submit new educational channels to Channels Stack

Currently, this website features 150+ channels with a plan to gradually expand it over time. If you know a good educational YouTube channel that is not listed on the website, you can submit a request for that. Simply provide the channel link along with a description and submit the request.

Wrap Up

Channels Stack is a pretty useful website that helps you find quality educational channels on YouTube. If YouTube is your go-to platform for learning new things then this website can be really handy. It covers 150+ educational YouTube channels at the moment which is not much compared to the huge YouTube library. But it is expanding gradually by carefully selecting the educational channels that bring value.

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