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Clash is a free online service to convert text to audio mashup. Using this service, you will be able to type anything you want and then automatically convert the text into audio mashups. The mashups are generated by linking the words to numerous audio content sources including music (of almost all the popular artists like Drake, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Adele, etc.), TV shows, movies, political speeches, historic speeches, and even YouTube. That means when you type anything, it will pick different audio content for each word of the text and make it a playable audio mashup.

If there are multiple sources of audio content for a specific word, then it will allow you to choose any audio content you like by sliding through all the sources. Another useful feature of Clash is that if it fails to find any audio content for a particular word, then it will add its own audio for that word. Clash is quite similar to the mixtape making websites, but comes with a twist where it converts text into audio mashups instead of simply mixing audio contents.

convert text to audio mashup

How to Convert Text to Audio Mashups using Clash:

To get started, visit the homepage of Clash and then click on the “Begin” button. After that, you will see an input field named, “Type your message here” where you can type the text which you want to convert into an audio mashup.

You can type whatever you want in the input field or copy and paste text in it. The maximum character limit which you can type in the input is up to 140 characters. When you’re done typing the text, simply hit the “Clash” button.

As soon as you do that, it will start processing all the words one after another and find the appropriate audio content for each word. You can hover your mouse cursor over each word to see which audio content is associated with it. At the bottom, you will also see a “Play” button using which you can play and listen to the audio mashup.

If you see the audio content of any word named, “Clash” then it means it failed to locate any sources for that specific word and added its own. Apart from that, you may also see that it has found multiple audio contents for a particular word. If you see so, then you can click on the audio content and then use the arrows to slide through all the audio contents and select your favorite one.

This way you can use Clash to convert any text into creative audio mashups. After creating audio mashups from the text, you can also share them via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or use the unique URL to share it anywhere you want.

Closing Words:

Clash is a pretty interesting online service which enables you to easily convert text to audio mashup. Personally, I like it as it can convert any word into audio content. Not only that, it even adds its own audio if it fails to find an audio source.

Try “Clash” from here.

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