ChatGPT Alternative by Google to Generate Natural, Human-Like Responses: Gemma

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This post covers Gemma, a ChatGPT alternative by Google to generate natural and human-like responses. The success of ChatGPT hit the tech industry like a storm. To many, it is like a first draft of the future of the internet. This worried the tech giants who were already top at their game or needed a chance to shine out of the competition. The same happened with Google and Microsoft.

Microsoft chose to invest and partner with OpenAI and bring AI capabilities to its product lineup. This led to the launch of Bing Chat which is a Microsoft version of ChatGPT. On the other hand, Google has the most research and papers published in the realm of AI. But this does not get reflected in their products much. Bard was Google’s first AI chatbot that could not last longer and was replaced by Gemini AI soon after the launch. The capability of the Gemini image is already under fire for diversity errors and has been suspended temporarily. Google has recently introduced Gemma, its latest swoop into the realm of open AI models.

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What is Gemma?

Gemma is a family of lightweight open models developed by Google DeepMind. These models offer developers tools to build generative AI applications. Gemma builds upon the foundational research and technology behind the larger and more powerful Gemini models.

What is Supervised AI?

Supervised AI is a company that provides tools and resources to accelerate the development of AI and machine learning projects for developers. It offers a free generative AI API for testing and developing AI/ML projects, along with integration capabilities through webhooks and custom integrations. Supervised AI has its own Supervised 7B Max model. It offers a hosted version of the Gemma open AI model combined with its own Supervised 7B Max model. This allows users to test and try the Gemma models without hosting them themselves.

Gemma 7B Preview by Supervised AI

On the Supervised AI website, anyone can test and try the new Gemma AI models. The website provides a simple chat interface where you can interact with the Gemma models and get your queries answered. Alongside the text, the interface also supports voice input. It converts the voice to text and provides answers.

I’ve tested the Gemma AI provided by Supervised AI. The model provides good enough answers to most of my queries. I tried a set of regular queries asking various things, the responses are up to the point with enough details.

Gemma vs ChatGPT: Response Comparision

Here is a comparison of this Gemma AI model against the ChatGPT-3.5. I asked the same questions to both AI models and compared the results.

I find that Gemma’s responses are more natural offering direct answers to my queries along with appropriate details. In response to my question “Is everybody excited about AI”, Gemma AI has given a more natural and human-like response starting with a no and then providing context to its answer.

On the other hand, ChatGPT’s answer is not much different. But instead of giving a direct answer, it gave me bullet points of excitement and concern about AI. I find out that ChatGPT gives more conclusive answers to many controversial topics leaving it up to the users to decide. Whereas Gemma tries to provide direct answers followed by the context behind the topic.

You can give it a try here.

Closing Comment

Gemma AI is quite is new AI model that has to be tested thoroughly. With my little testing, I find it quite promising, unlike the Bard or Gemini. The only thing is that it is an open model that you have to host yourself or use a service that provides a hosted version of it. The responses of Gemma are slightly natural and human-like in comparison to ChatGPT.

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