How To Play A Specific Song For Specific Users In Gmail On Android

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This tutorial explains how to play a specific song when email from specific users arrive on Gmail on Android. For it, you do not have to use any application or go through tons of settings. I will quickly show you how you can set a specific song that will be played when a particular user sends you an email. For this, you have to first create a filter on Gmail for that user and assign it a label, so that every email from that user automatically get tagged to that label. After that, you just have to open up the Android app of Gmail and enable label notifications.


So let’s see the steps involved in this process.

How To Play A Specific Song For Specific Users In Gmail On Android:

The method to perform this task can be divided into 2 parts i.e. in the first part you have to create a search filter for that specific user and apply a label to it, and in the second part, you just have to manage notification settings of your Gmail android app.

Step 1: Open Gmail on a desktop web browser and click on its search bar and then click on small down arrow inside the search text box, which will open up a search filter window. Now in it, specify the email address of the specific user and then click on Create filter with this search link button.


Step 2: Now select Apply the label checkbox and create a label. After that click on Create filter button to create the search filter for that specific user.


Step 3: Now open Gmail Android app and from its menu select Settings -> Select your email account -> Manage Labels -> Select the label created in Step 2 and then enable Label notifications, as shown in the screenshot included below. Make sure you have enabled Sync All messages and Notify for every message option.


After you have enabled Label notifications, click on Sound and then select the song you want to play when an email from a user specified in Step 1.

You can repeat these steps for different users and setup different songs to be played for them. You can also combine multiple users in the same label and play the same sound for all of them.

What excites me most about this method is that it actually makes use of labels. This means that this customization is not just limited to specific users; instead, we can also use it to play specific song when email with specific words in subject arrive, or email with attachment arrives, and lot more. The possibilities are basically endless, because you can use Gmail filters to tag any types of emails that you want, and the use Label Notifications feature of Gmail Android app to play a song when email that matches that label criteria applies.


This tutorial explains how to play a specific song for specific users in Gmail on Android. You can quickly go through the steps explained in this tutorial and set a specific song that will be played when your Android device receive an email from that user. The method is quite efficient as you can easily use it to distinguish emails from important senders like your boss, Doctor, etc and that too in different Gmail labels. Reply me if it helped you ;)

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